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KDHP – India’s Finest Tea Planters from Munnar

Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company (KDHP) is India’s first employee owned plantation company. It’s also the largest producer of Tea in South India producing over 24 million kilograms of exquisite, garden fresh teas, complying the latest Food Safety Standards. History of KDHP Munnar is the home of KDHP […]

Sunday Brunch with Best Boutique Wines from SDU

SDU Winery is one the finest boutique winery located nearly 75kms away from Bangalore.  The first time one hears the world ‘Boutique Winery’, it sure does ring a bell.  But it’s the terms referred to Winery that’s Family-owned, making Artisan Wines with limited production and unique style.   It’s […]

Kayastha Delights Food Festival at ITC WelcomHotel Bengaluru

Kayastha Delights Food Festival at Jacaranda Restaurant in WelcomHotel Bengaluru – Member ITCHotel Group, Bengaluru.  The restaurant has been giving opportunity for guest Chefs to come and cook in their restaurant and serve to the guests. This is probably one of the most innovative approach followed by a […]

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