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Art is an expression of beautiful thoughts in one’s mind. It takes exceptional skill to make something that just amazes people.  Artists are located in the nooks and corners of the world.  Each of them expresses themselves with their sketches, paintings, handicrafts, clay-art, and many other forms.  India as country is known for its rich ARt & Cultures, a glimpse of that can be seen in the historic temple architectures & paintings.  But there are artists across the world who are also keen on showing their work.  Here is where we brand like Lil Sherpa, looking to bridge the gap.IMG_20200721_232033

Lil Sherpa

This is a brand that is the responsibility to bring personal stories of artists from across the mountains.  This brand promotes artists from Nepal and showcases their talent on the world stage.   Let share some beautifully captured words in their own voices.
Far at the horizon, where the mountain ends, dwells the vernacular “mountain engineers” that we call, creating handicrafts through natural products using their most native methods & expertise that is passed on from generations.
By doing this, they are looking to uplight the economic conditions of small scale economies and share the culture.  They want to show the sustainable craft that is made using earthy produce.  Each of the items sold is hand-made by artists.  It got a few items recently delivered to my home and this prompted me to put a blog fo share the info.

Handmade Book

A special book can be used to make personal notes or even become a personal journal for an artist.  The paper used for making it is hand-made from Lokta Plant.  The outer cover is specially done with a pleasant design and a nice mechanism to lock it.   It’s a product that perfect for gifting purposes. As a matter of fact, the product is so good looking that one may even hesitate to use it.

Digitally printed picture of Lord Gautham Buddha

This was one of the best gifts I have received for a long time.  The picture of Lord Gautham Buddha in a serene meditation pose on Handmade paper is amazing.  It’s unlike any other poster, as it does not have sharp edges and natural finish.  The edges have contours and paper has a slightly matty finish.
The print is done on the special handmade paper from Lokta Plant.

Lokta Plant

The special plant used for making paper grows at 7000-9000 ft. They use the traditional Nepal paper making technique that involves handwashing in the Himalayan river, dried in sun. No chemicals are used in the process.  Unlike wood pulp which requires many acres of land, Lokta plants are pruned every year for paper production.  Hence it is environmentally friends.

Closing Thoughts

The global pandemic has made us realize the importance of relationships amongst humans and nature.  We all need to do our bit for saving nature, if not we may all end up facing dire consequences.  By using hand-made arts, we surely can take one step closer to supporting each other and protect the environment.  I support these local artists from Nepal and every other artist across India and Internationally.

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