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  • Bangalore Metro – Green Line & Purple Line

    Bangalore Metro – Green Line has been the most awaited launch, as it connects someone of the busiest and the most populated regions of the city.  It also connects some of the oldest part of Bangalore known from our good… Read More ›

  • Launch Party of BAR BAR – More Of You, Less Of The Bill

    BAR BAR is one of the newest pubs that come alive in Bangalore.  There have been multiple discussions since past few weeks and its launch has been most awaited.  The launch spanned across 3-4 days and I was invited for… Read More ›

  • Jonahs by Chef Willy – Bistro & Patisserie in Indranagar 12th Main

    Jonahs – By Chef Willy is one of the Bistro and Patisserie in the busy 12th main of Indranagar.  It is hardly known to people around the city and even for the folks living in that area.  They probably did… Read More ›

  • Healthy Millets Food at Prem’s Graama Bhojanam – Jayanagar

    Prem’s Graama Bhojanam is one the newly opened restaurant in Jayanagar which seems has gained popularity in short period.  The owner themselves are overwhelmed by the love shown for their food.  But then it was bound to happen because they… Read More ›

  • OnePlus 3T – My Take

    One Plus 3t was release into the market in November 2016 with few very important changes.  Some of the changes compared to the earlier OnePlus 3 are – Change in Processor, Battery, Front Camera and Memory Storage.  I will only… Read More ›

  • One Plus 3 – My Take

    One Plus 3 is one of the first mobile I took it on the day it was available for sale on Amazon, June 2016.  The reason for that was quite simply because it was the only phone that had all… Read More ›

  • Brunch with Super-Dad at JW Marriott Bangalore

    JW Marriott is one of the luxury hotels in Bangalore that always does something interesting to make the special day, more special.  This time it was the Father’s Days Celebrations brunch at JW Kitchen which was themed as, ‘Brunch with… Read More ›