Why Fryy | Potato Chips | Poppped | Not Fried

Why Fryy is the latest brand of Potato Chips in the market.  They make Potato Chips that are popped and not fried.
Their chips have 60% lesser fat compared to regular potato chips.
It’s a special way of cooking the potatoes, using just heat and pressure. But yes, they add a dash of oil, spices, herbs & seasoning that makes it special. Another amazing fact is that they don’t add any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Most importantly, no added MSG.


They sent across an amazing selection of their fries for me to try.
  • Spicy Chaat
  • Zesty Tomato
  • Simply Salt
  • Mirch Masala
  • Herby Sour Cream
I loved all of them for the uniqueness but if I were to pick a favorite it would be Spicy Chaat. But there every other variant with their special flavors like – slightly spicy Mirch Masala, tangy Zesty Tomato, the sour taste of Herby variant, and a simple plain potato chips in Simply Salt.

Where to buy?

This is definitely one of the best chip brands in the market.
Buy online BigBasket & MilkBasket apps.
Retail Stores – Namdharis, MK Retail, Big Bazaar & more.


Snack Clean, Snack Lean.