Pink Pajamas – Unique Name for Cafe in Kalyan Nagar


Pink Pajamas, unique name given to a café in Kalyan Nagar area which already has an overload of cafes, pubs and other eateries.  The reason for multiple café in this area, can be attributed to CMR College, increase in settlements around HRBR & Hennur area.  It was necessary to offer something unique to guests, as there are established brands like Truffles & Byli, around the café.  Pink Pajamas has unique interiors but there isn’t anything special in terms of food.  The cuisines served include – Mexican, American, Italian and continental food.  Let me share my experience of visiting the place recently.


  • The restaurant has got this chic looking interiors which doesn’t have specific theme.  But from the first glimpse, it looks impressive with the usage of colors.  The designer has tried to add element of Hollywood and European culture.
  • There are plenty of posters of Hollywood stars like Merlyn Munroe, Morgan Freeman, Madonna and others.  Few old movie posters have been framing and put on the wall.
  • Pictures of famous monuments across the world have been put at one section of wall.  Most of the walls have been painted in white or sky-blue.
  • They have a hanging clock, like the ones we find in the railways station.
  • Seating arrangement allow a small / large group to gather and spend time.  They have option of sofas as well as chairs with cushions making it comfortable for everyone.
  • Just outside the café, there are boards with multiple post-it(s) with customer feedbacks.
  • Before this café came it, there used to be a Mexican Eatery named Pablamos.  The old eatery has been closed, interiors revamped and now we have the new café.


If you are coming from the Outer Ring Road from KR Puram side, one need to take the service road besides HRBR flyover.  Take the left at the signal below the flyover and drive across until you find the Hennur Banaswadi Cosmopoliton Club.  Take the next right and drive across until you find Coffee Day to the left side.  Immediately take right and look for the third building to the left that has Swensens on ground floor and Pink Pajamas, on the 1st floor.

Food & Drinks

The name, ambiance and location attracted me to the café.  Their menu isn’t very elaborate and has various quick eat items like – Sandwich, Pizza, Burger, Pasta, Coffee and other snacks, which are typical of a café.

Jalapeno Cheese Poppers

It was deep-fried, and the stuffing included potato, spices & cheese.  Along with the Poppers, they served a bowl of Jalapeno Mayo sauce.  The dish did  not impress completely due to various reason – black-pepper/seasoning sprinkled on popper, little cheese stuffing and too much of potato stuffing.

Indian Cheese Rolls

This dish can be compared to a spring-roll or samosa rolled up to like a cigar.  The taste was ordinary and the amount of cheese inside was less.  Dish was served with tomato-ketchup which probably was mixed with some mustard sauce.  The dish was deep fried and like earlier dish they added some spices on top of the rolls.  Presentation was pretty good, but the rolls & tomato sauces taste did not impress.

French Fries

The potato fries were in golden-yellow color and was served plain.  I would have expected it to be a little bit more fried to get a brownish tinge. They have also served it with a different dip / sauce/ spices (peri-peri), rather than make it very contemporary.

Double Veg Sliders

This was one of the best dishes I had at the café.  The taste of the individual slider was pretty good as the Veg Patty, Mayo stuffing, Buns & Veggies did gel very well.  Every bite of the slider I took, flavours just exploded in my mouth.  The pickled cucumber & carrot were also good.

This dish was served with French-fries & the typical spices sprinkled on top, which definitely needs improvement.

They also have option for serving the slider with 2 patties.

Paneer Pizza

This was a Thin-Crust pizza which comes with Paneer toppings and we need to pay for the additional topping.  I asked for following toppings to be added – Mushroom, Olives, Brocolli, Zucchini.  They serve 3 different slices of 11” Pizza – 2 / 4 (half-pizza) / 8 (full-pizza).  Ideally, one can order half pizza with one topping and another half with different topping.

The pizza base was not very soft, and the cheese topping was very minimal.  Taste of the pizza again did not wow me.

Chocolate Oreo Milkshake

A decent milkshake that came with a piece of Orea biscuit on top.  I thought that the sweetness was less, and the taste was very normal.  It would have been nicer to see them experiment with a different chocolate sauces and make it more creamier & tasty.

Cold Coffee

This was just a very ordinary drink that had some coffee, milk and probably some ice/water.  The coffee flavour was not coming as much and there was no creaminess from the milk as well.  The cold-coffee was not very impressive, and I would want the café to improve upon it.

They also had London Diary Cones & Cup Ice-creams in the store, for all those ice-cream lover.

Overall Experience

The experience of having dinner at the café was pretty good.  Though the interiors and name impressed me quite a bit, the food was not up to the mark.  My top pick among the items was the Veg Slider but other items were just about par.  Few changes are needed in dishes to add more flavour like cheese or cream.   But the cafe has all the potential and apt for couple to have a cosy dining experience.  I rate my experience at 3.5/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 3.5/5
Drinks – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Food for 2 at this café will come up to anywhere between INR 800-1000.