Kapoors Cafe – Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore


Kapoors Café is one of the best Vegetarian Restaurant in the busy Kalyan Nagar area. Located in the road perpendicular to the CMR Road, the restaurant is strategically located.  There are no other Restaurant in the vicinity which serve Authentic North Indian food.  The reason for the flavours is because of the owner’s intent to train the staff & coach them regularly.  Ambiance at this place is also quite different compared to other places.  Taste of the food combined with good ambiance makes it just perfect for lunch/evening-snack/dinner with family/friends.  Let me share my experiences from multiple visits to the restaurant.


The highlight in this restaurant is the lighting and the seating arrangement.  I heard from the owners and managers, telling that they have a special carpenter who designed the roof and did the interiors.  Guests on the top floor get to sit on the ‘Chaarpai’ which is seen in the Dhabas across north.  Between the Chaarpai, is a wooden plank on which one can keep the plates and have food.  Between two Chaarpai, they had wooden table in which water and essential items are kept.

There is a special selfie section with huge specks frame in which guests can pose for selfies.  Top floor is on the Terrace and guests get to enjoy the natural breeze which is very healthy.

Kudos to the owners as well as the craftsmanship of carpenters for making sure that the minutest of detail are taken care.


The food has the complete North Indian taste, which is very tasty.  Some of the items I tasted include.

Assortment of Starters

This came with 2-3 portions each of Pyaaz/Onion Pakoras, Cheese Pataka Balls, Kalmi Punjabi Sticks and Paneer Pakoras.  The taste of every item in this starter platter was just too good.  All the starters on the plate have a special masala topping and is served with mint-chutney which is the perfect combination.  I am waiting to try many more of the starters the next time I visit the restaurant.

Cheese Burst Paratha

Imagine a Parantha that has only stuffing of cheese inside instead of any other stuffing.  It contains an overload of cheese and it can be directly compared with the Cheese Burst Pizza.  I would still score this higher over the Pizza.  It can either be eaten individually or we can add pickle to it.  It is very hard for 1 person to finish it.  Ideally 2-3 people can share the items.

Sarson Da Saag with Makkan Combo (Winter Special)

This is the special dish which is only available during the winter season between November to January/February.  The dish is served on a plate which comes with a huge dollop of Makkan/Butter.  Along with the subzi, they serve – 2 portions of Makke De Parathay, Boondi Raita, Gur/Jaggery Pieces and Onions.  The taste is just mind-blowing, and I loved every bite of the subzi & the Makai Roti.

Apart from the above-mentioned dishes, I have tried the following Subzi(s) – Pindi Chole, Dal Makhni, Rajman and Baingan Ka Bhartha.  I think the taste of every item I have tasted was quite good.  Infact, I had also done a take away of the dishes and the eaten after 1-2 hrs with the taste remaining intact.


There are plenty of items to choose but there are few of my top favourites.

Dry Fruit Lassi

This drink is served on a Khullad/Mud-pot glass and is loaded with dry-fruits.  On top of it, there is also a cherry piece. The taste of the Lassi is just perfect and one portion of the dessert can almost fill the stomach.  It is a healthy as well as tasty treat that one should not miss at the restaurant.


Another drink that is served on a Khullad in which the thick butter milk is churned well and mixed with sugar.  Every sip of the Lassi makes me feel heavenly.

Fruit Cream

A mix of fruits and cream is the simple fruit cream.  But it is available at limited places and Kapoors Café is one among them.  The taste is quite good and relatively lighter than the other 2 beverage/dessert options.

Overall Experience

It has been a great experience visiting the restaurant at Kamanahalli.  I am very happy that we have one of the best Veg North Indian Restaurant closer to the place where I reside.  The ambiance of this place is unique compared to any other restaurant. Vibrant use of colours and Punjabi songs in the backdrop gives a different feel.  Anyone visiting the place goes back energized.  I would specially recommend everyone to visit this restaurant in Kamanahalli.  I rate my experience at 4.5/5.

Rating in various departments.

Food – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5

Food for 2 at this restaurant would come up to anywhere between INR 1200-1500.