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Quattro is one of the restaurants in town that serves food from the Mexican & Italian cuisines.  The place has a beautiful ambiance that’s very refreshing and energizing.  I specially fell in love with the glass roof on top that lets the sun peep inside the dining area.  Add to this one can get a glimpse of the Mango tree that has many fruits on it.  It’s good to see the owners deciding to preserve the tree and put a structure around it.  They have some beautiful graffiti’s that are done on the wall that looks really good.

A lot has been told about this place since few months.  A few days back I got an opportunity to dine in the restaurant and try out some of the dishes.  Let me share my experience.

Food Options

The place serves food from Mexican and Italian cuisine.  To ensure customers know about the specific dishes, its clearly mentioned in the menu.


This was the first course of the meal that usually needs to be good for setting precedence for the meal to follow.  They served the Cream of Broccoli soup that was the tastiest I have had in a long time.  It was so amazing that I could not stop after taking the first sip.

The next soup to be tried was the Mushroom soup that had good flavors of mushroom.  It is one of the best soups that dint have to be consumed with any bread.


I tried the Insalate Castano salad that comes with plenty of lettuce, avocado, zucchini, jalapeno.  It also has cherry tomatoes, shallots tossed in spicy Mexican sauce.  The ingredients sure did gel well and was quite tasty before heading for the mail course.


There are plenty of items that can be tired.  But my favorite was the Taquitos that had fried gluten free tortillas cones filled with beans, jalapenos, tomato salsa and avocado ice-cream.  The presentation is also quite unique as one can see smoke coming the bottom of plate that makes it fancy.

The Formaggio Di Patate is another good dish that has baby potatoes tossed in aglio alio topped with cheese sauce.  It’s a wonderful sight to watch the person pour the Cheese onto the bowl containing baby potatoes.

Stuffed Mushroom is another dish that one must try at the place.  Its basically baked mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheddar cheese.  Its served with Wasabi Mayo on top.

Another appetizer that I tried was the cute looking Bruschetta.  It had toasted baguette slices topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, shredded basil, balsamic pearls. Its best to put the complete piece into your mouth to be able to savour all the item sin it.  I was so tempted that we got two plates of the same dish.

All of the appetizers can be enjoyed with the various dips from different regions.

Italian – Pesto, Tomato Cruda, Aglio Oilo, Olives Tepnade

Mexican – Green Tomatilo, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Spicy Habenaro, Seasonal Fruit Salsa (strawberry)

Main Course

The Mexican Rice Sizzler Paneer was definitely my favorite as it came with a combination of rice, beans, sauce.  The paneer was very soft and they had special Mexican spices on top it.  I specially loved the way they pour the cheese on top of the sizzler.

When we visit the Italian restaurant, having a Pizza is a must and I tried the Pesto Pizza.  This pizza came with the topping of mozzarella, bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, jalapeno and pesto sauce.  The taste was just too good and presentation looked very colorful.

Another dish that one must try at Quattro, is the Canelloni Florentia.  These special rolls of pasta that had various stuffing like Ricotto Spinash, American Corn, Basil.  Among the cheese it had the Pomodoro, Parmesan and mozzarella.


Trest Leches is one of my favorite dessert and at Quattro, they have a Deconstructed version of the same. It had sponge cake, vanilla cream with solidified mousse served with crunchy honey.  The dessert is crunchy but very yummy.


I tried two drink and among those my favorite was the Passion Fruit Margarita.  It is served in the most unique manner with the Martini glass containing the drink and rims are salted.  I instantly fell in love with the drink after consuming the first sip.

Another wonderful drink is the Spiced Watermelon that is served the most uniquely.  The glass containing look more like mini glass jug but it has smoke coming from inside. It’s a must try drink but I must warn that it isn’t sweet, its on the spicier side.

Final Thoughts

It was an amazing experiencing with food & drink at Quattro.  This is one of the Best Vegetarians Restaurant serving Mexican & Italian food at one place.  The ambiance is very good and the food is just excellent.  It is perfect to bring a family or even hang-out with friends over good food.  I am so much looking forward to visiting the place more often.  I highly recommend the place to everyone.

More Information

Details are mentioned below.

Address – Quattro Ristorante Bengaluru, 18, Convent Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

Contact – 93539 40395