Kapoors Cafe – Veg North Indian Food @ITPL, Bangalore

There are many places in Bangalore where you get veg only food.  And among those the most commonly seen veg places are the Darshini’s.  There are very few places that serve only North Indian food.  Among these possible choice of places, I always get ‘Kapoor’s Café’ in my mind simply coz they serve one of the best veg North Indian food.  It is hard to compare this with any other place coz there the place is quite casual and the service is very good.  Let me share my experience on the latest visit to its new outlet in ITPL.


Let me share directions from the Hoodi Junction.  As you drive across toward the ITPL, you will find the mall to the right side.  And then further driver, you will find a huge IT park to the left side.  Then there is the Baghini restaurant to the right side.  Take the right turn just before the restaurant complex. Kapoor’s Café appears to the left side.


The place has always been nice and cosy.  I would say that the USP of this place is also its ambiance which is quite good.  Few things to share about the place.
  • There are nice posters that show-cause some of the Punjabi cultures.
  • Fun posters telling about 12 things to identify Punjabi’s.
  • Seats that are decently spaced.  Only thing is that I might have thought they should have been spaced a little more to given enough gap to walk around.


The important aspect of the place is the taste of the food.  Let me share my thoughts on few items I had during a Bloggers Meet recently.


Cheese Balls
This is something newly introduced here and the taste of it was quite awesome along with the green mint chutney.  A new dish that has been introduced into the menu of Kapoor Café. I am sure a lot of people will enjoy ordering this and also having it before having the meals.


Paneer Pakoda
Another wonderful starter where in the paneer inside was quite soft and was fried quite well.  The taste was very good along with the mint chutney like in the cheesy ball combination.  A must tries whenever you go to the Kapoors Café.


French Fries Punjabi Style
A simple French fries when added with some chatpata masalas the taste becomes quite interesting.  Another dish that can be taken while you wait for the main course to come.


Main Course
Veg Thali
This is the best thing to take at this place coz it had a combination of subjis, daal, chapatti, rice, raita and salad. Plating for this is quite good and the moment you see it, you feel like eating everything.  But it is not possible for 1 person to finish all unless you are really hungry.


Among the currys, there is the Kadai Paneer, Mixed veg subji with paneer and Brinjol Bartha.  Among the 3 dishes Brinjol one seems to have been very well made.  I very much enjoyed it.
Daal that was served was the ‘daal tadka’.  It was very well cooked daal and I enjoyed its flavours.
Jeera rice was served in this place. Though I’m not a big fan of the rice, it was pretty decent.
Roti is something I got to write about coz it was quite soft and there isn’t any limit on the roti’s you can get.  It tasted quite good and addition of ghee enhanced the flavours.
Raita and salad were good additions to the thali.


Cheese Parata
This I would say is one of the best item that I took for the day.  Simple reason for that being it tasted simply wonderful.  Whenever you add some butter on top of it, they melted away and the taste enhanced even further.  I relished every bite that I took and I am sure anyone taking it would have similar feeling.
Food might be good but then the desert and drinks is still a critical component.
Lassi & Chaas
These are the sweet and normal buttermilk variants.

The sweet one had loads of Badam in it and tasted brilliant.

Chaas or the normal butter milk was also quite refreshing.


Fruit Cream
Another classic desert which is served in the earthen clay cup. The taste of it was simply wonderful.  And on top of the fruit cream was the classic cherry which improved the looks.


Overall Experience
A wonderful Saturday afternoon spent at Kapoors café.  Enjoyed the food, ambiance and most importantly the hospitality & service.  I think the owners of the restaurant, are so good that they try speaking each and every guest that come there.  This makes the place quite popular among the people.  And for sure the food taste is quite consistent compared to its another outlet near Kundanahalli gate.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.25/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this place will cost anywhere between INR500-1000 considering you take 2 thali, starters and lassi.