G77 – New Pub @Indiranagar – Bangalore

This is one of the newly launched pub in Indranagar area.  The moment you think of one more there is a feeling in our mind and heart that says that there would be something special.  The reason for that is quite simply coz it is located in the prime pub spot in Bangalore.  There is a lot of expectation from the crowd coz of the choices that they have.  And to be able to let people choose a pub in the road, you will still need to have something special.  That something special could be the cocktails, beer, food, service or simply coz of the ambiance.  I guess this place has a combination of many of the things that I have mentioned above.  Let me share my personal experience during its Launch party with fellow bloggers.


Consider yourself coming from the Domlur flyover while coming from Koramangala.  As you come down the flyover, BBQ Nation would appear to the left side.  And drive along, where you would find the intersection of 4 roads and then soon after that G77 appears to the left side.
It is located in the 3rd and 4thlevels of the building.


This is one of the most important reason why people select a particular place.  Coz it makes people feel special and take back memories.  And also whenever people go to these places, they would want to discuss at lengths regarding the place itself.  Few things that are unique about this place.


  • Spacious interiors which makes it a good place to move around.
  • There is a DJ console right at the entrance from where the classic music is mixed.
  • A mezzanine section overlooking the main road also is setup quite well.
  • Wonderfully crafted brass sculptures that are hanging by the walls.
  • Ample space is available for people to dance to the music being played by DJ.
  • Well setup bar counter with array of alcohol options up on display.  There is also ample space for bartender to make the classic cocktails.
Whenever you go to a pub, it is very critical that the food is quite good.  Coz along with the drink, you expect the food to be tasty and filling.  Let me share thoughts on few items I had.


BBQ Paneer
Cottage Cheese Fingers Smeared with BBQ Sauce
This is a classic starter that was made quite well.  Though it is a pub, the starter seems to have been made like any other fine-dining place.  There was good amount of BBQ sauce which tasted lovely.  The paneer was also quite soft and well made.  I very much enjoyed the dish.
Nachos Bhel
In house secret recipe
This was pretty well done Nachos that had cheese added quite well on it.  But then also there was some chilly added making it the spicy nachos with cheese.  This is a starter that goes along quite well with beer and few other cocktails.


Fiery Basil Mushroom
Fresh mushrooms and bell peppers glazed with tangy and spicy dark sauce
Another well-made dish in which the mushroom was well heated and tasted quite good with the sauce.  It is something that you should try if you are a mushroom fan.


Melting Pots
Pani Puri shells with subtle hint of veggies, accenting the luscious cheese
A dish that was served very uniquely.  You might have small giant-wheel in many of the Indian traditional fests.  Imagine a much smaller version.  They had made it and pani-puri with its secret ingredients added were served in each of the cups.  To be able to consume you could either turn and pick up individual pani-puri or you can just grab them.  The taste was quite unique and I enjoyed the taste.


Veg Burger
This is a classic dish served inside a small Telephone booth.  There was Burger in 2ndlevel of the booth and 1st level had the French fries.

The looks of it makes you feel like eating it.  When I had it, the taste was quite good and I enjoyed it.

This place you expect the cocktails to be really good.  And some of the cocktails I tried being here included.
Hoegaarden – Beer
This is one of the classic beers that has hit the Indian market recently since a year I suppose.

The taste is quite good and I very much enjoyed it after transferring it into glass.


Jaeger Bomb
Jägermeister and red bull
One of my favourite drinks which was served quite uniquely.  The red was put all round an inverted small glass that had Jägermeister in it.  The idea was to slowly to infuse Jager into the red-bull.  The taste was good and way it was made was good to watch.


Gin Based Cocktail
A drink that my friend asked the Bartender to do.  It contained gin, loads of ice-cubes, citrus extracts.  The taste was quite strong and I was happy to see the way the bartender reacted to making a cocktails as per choice of guests.
Overall Experience
It was a good experience going to G77 and enjoying the drink & food.  The food was quite good and so were the drinks.  I think this a place which is set to establish itself quite well in Indranagar area and do very well.  I am hoping to visit this place more often in future.  My current rating for this place is 4.5/5.  My rating in various departments includes.
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.5
Food for 2 considering you would try a starter and drinks would cost anywhere between INR1200-1500.


Food Bloggers who were with me included – Naveen, Caroline, Susmita, Sudarshan, Manoj, Aravind, Deepa and many others.