Pub Crawl – VR Foodies Fest


Pub Crawl event is quite a fun event in which we get to we drink and have food at different pubs in a given locality.  Bangalore being the Pub Capital of India has plenty of pubs in a given area and it become easier for hosting such an event.  Recently, the VR Bengaluru hosted a Foodies Fest event in which a Pub Crawl was included.  The places that were covered as part of the event included, some of the good pubs in VR Bengaluru – The Beer Cafe, The Whitefield Arm, The Irish House & Alt.  Let me share the experience.

This was the first pit-stop for the pub-crawl and we were handed 4 vouchers that could be redeemed for a beer/mocktail at the individual pubs.  At the first stop, we had option to pick up ‘Kingfisher Drought beer’ or mocktail.  The natural choice was the Kingfisher, which we all friends tried while the organizers shared their thoughts behind Pub-Crawl in VR Mall.

A relatively unknown pub for most of us, which has been around for a while but not many know about it.  It is located in the ground level of VR Bengaluru and diagonally opposite to ‘The Beer Café’.  A beautiful pub with great ambiance and good food.  It has a section for sitting inside and outside.  A perfect location for friends to hang-out and watch a football/cricket or any other team sport.  The section outside is quite romantic and classy.

We all enjoyed our beer and some wonderful starters.  Then we had the ‘Pub Quiz’ which has gained popularity in Bangalore.  And the winner of the quiz, gets to take back a voucher for future visit to the pub.  The quiz that 3 round with 1 point, 2 point & 5 points for each correct answer.  It was a great contest where all of us were quite engaged while sipping our beer & snack items.

The next stop in the pub-crawl was the relative new pub which has gained respect among foodies & beer-lovers.  Place is quite huge with a section to sit inside as well as outside.  The interiors have been setup quite well, so as to give it an IRISH look.

We had the ‘Chugging’ contest where 4 of us competed for finishing ½ litre beer the fastest.  The winner took hardly 7-8 seconds to gulp it all in one shot.  It sure was fun watching and also participating in it.

This was the last stop over for the Pub Crawl and I must say that it surely was the best place among all.  The reasons is simply coz of the ambiance.  It is a rooftop terrace pub that is spread across a large space, beautiful pool that is lit up with blue light and plenty of spacious sitting arrangement.  There are very few places in Bangalore that can boast of having such a beautiful among.  This place for sure is among the best in the city like HIGH, BANG (Ritz Carlton) and SKYYE.  Not many people are aware, but once they do it will become a party destination over weekend.

ALT is also unique in a way coz they have a section of the pub has open space with large screen.  It is currently being used to show IPL matches.  But the space can be used for telecasting other matches for a large group.

Overall Experience
A wonderful evening spent hopping across pubs in the VR Bengaluru as part of the ‘VR Bengaluru Foodies Fest’.  It was fun time with some known Foodie/Beer-loving friends exploring new pubs as a gang.  Enjoyed the Pub-Quiz and Chugging contests.  I think we should have many more such pub-crawl events on a regular basis.  Thanks a ton to the PR Agency for inviting me to the event and VR Bengaluru for setting up the Foodies Fest event.