Easter Brunch – Marriott Whitefield


Easter is celebrated to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and establish him as the Son of God. Whenever we hear festival and celebrations, one thing that is quite common is preparation of variety food.  At home, we end up being limited by preparing couple of items and wish we could prepare something more.  But in large hotels where there are plenty of Chefs working, many items can be prepared.  It does not matter if it for a festival or for Sunday Brunch, the spread sure does look massive & creative.  I had a great experience last sunday (16-April’17) at Marriott Whitefield.

The head chef for the Marriott Whitefield is Chef Mahesh who is extremely talented and knows his preparation.  But to be able to pull off on a massive scale, it required multiple multiple Chefs (40-50) to collaborate and prepare it well before the start of Sunday brunch.

The team come out with a layout map on where each of the items would be placed.  And then they made sure that it is done as planned.  This means, placement of each and every time, directions, size, accessories, tables, chairs, writing and many other things.  Basically these are the front office items which impress the customers.

Preparation had to done, keeping a specific number of guests in mind.  Since the food would be served only for Sunday, they had to ensure sufficient quantity is made and minimal wastage would be there.

This Sunday Brunch the M-Cafe seemed to be filled with loads of food.  They had food inside at the usual area and also the outside section.

There were separate counters for Salads, Cheese, Starters, Pasta, Drinks and Deserts.  Each and every section had plenty of items which are usually present as part of the Sunday brunch.  But then apart from the usual stuff, they had these Easter eggs kept at various location, which looked so sweet.

Open air section had counter for – BBQs, Organic Natural Food.  They had a special decoration where Chefs tools & accessories were on display.

The complete arrangement looked quite exquisite and perfect for Easter Sunday brunch.

The food available at each and every section was good.  It is right to pick up couple of items in each section and share my thoughts.

Salad section, I loved the Wine Peached Pears with bocconcini and arugula.  Just noticed that the non-vegetarians would love the section equally, as they had plenty of Non-Veg options.

Starter and main course section were next to each other.  There were plenty of items that one could pick up.  I could request for some special pasta or fried rice also to be made.

BBQ section outside did not have much for vegetarians.  They sure did not have multiple bread varieties that Vegetarians could be pick up 🙂

Desert section was simply awesome wherein they had plenty of pastries.  There were different sizes of Easter eggs shaped like Rabbits/Bunnies, Breads with chocolate syrup coated, Easter eggs that were made into cartoons, Velvet cake, Chocolate Cake, Indian deserts.

Drinks section also had an options for guests to pick up mocktails or cocktails. Wine for sure does go along with a meal heavy meal this way.  I took some Red Wine, Vodka based cocktail & some Champagne.IMG_20170416_125413_01

Overall Experience
It was a great Sunday afternoon spend at the M-Café for the Easter Sunday Brunch. I must appreciate the team of Chefs for doing a great job in preparing the dishes and setting them all up in quick time.  It was heartening to see plenty of guests, both Foreigners & Indians that were enjoying their meal along with us.  I am sure everyone spent nearly 1-2hrs for having their lunch, trying out the variety that was for offer.  I rate this experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in various departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 as part of the Sunday brunch with liquor would come up to INR 4000-5000.

Picture below is taken with Chef Mahesh.