Kebab and Korma Bazaar – Marriott Whitefield


Marriott Whitefield is running the new Kebab Festival which is called Kebab and Korma Bazaar.  This is a wonderful opportunity for both local and travellers staying at the property, to enjoy some of the Awadhi Styled food.  The event started on 7-Oct’17 and is on until 14-Oct’17.  During this time, everyday there is a different variety of Veg/Non-Veg kebab available for the guests.  I made a visit to the restaurant one of the day and enjoyed some great kebabs.


The History

The regal Nawabs and imperial Mughal rulers introduced Kebabs & Kormas to the Indian-subcontinent.  To celebrate this heritage, Marriot Whitefield has come up with ‘Kebabs and Kormas Festival’ at M-Cafe restaurant.

About the Chef

Chef Pushkar Singh Mehra is a brand-new addition to the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield.  Chef is all set to delight your taste buds with a collection of delectable kebabs and rich kormas. The kebabs are covered in tongue tingling spices and doused in yogurt, grilled over a charcoal flame to let its juices ooze and attain perfection. While the richness of kormas will transport you to a period of Mughal royalty and create an experience like that of dining royalty.

Executive Chef Mahesh Padala entrusted the responsibility of the event to Chef Pushkar.  Under the guidance, Chef Pushkar made this festival quite special.

Food Experience

The festival is spanning the complete week.  Everyday there is a changing kebab variety so that guests can get to try unique Kebabs daily.


The day I visited the restaurant, there were a unique combination of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarians Kebab.  Dahi Ke Kebab was very good as it had the right amount of flavours and softness.  The taste was so good that I ended up, eating 3 portions.  It was served with Mint Chutney which have great flavours & spiciness which went along very well with the Kebabs.

There were a couple of Non-Vegetarian kebab, which were well-cooked and tasted great.

Main Course

Many dishes prepared in Awadhi Style for this food festival.  Some of the wonderful Vegetarian dishes based on – Paneer, Daal Makhani and Aloo with Cashew gravy.  My top pick among these was the Paneer Subzi.  Paneer pieces had the right texture & softness, it tasted very well with the tomato based gravy.

Variety of Non-Vegetarians gravy dishes were also part of the festival.  My friend found all the dishes to be tasting good.  I shared some review comments to Chef Pushkar and he took it gracefully.

The gravy dishes were served with special bread that were prepared in Awadhi style.  It looks quite soft and fluffy, which went along with all the gravy dishes.

Biryani (Vegetarian) was prepared in Awadhi style in which the spices, veggies & rice were mixed in big container.  Biryani tasted good, but wished that it was a little more spicy. 

Desserts & Drinks

There are plenty of options to choose from the spread for the buffet.  Among the lot, I loved 3 deserts which I relished eating post dinner.

Special Orange based mocktail that sipped along with the food tasted good.

Overall Experience

It was a great afternoon in which I got to taste some of the wonderful Kebabs and dishes prepared by Chef Pushkar.  The gravy dishes prepared in the Awadhi style tasted good along with the unique breads.  The Food Festival is on between 7Oct17 to 14Oct17.  I interacted with Chef Pushkar and Chef Mahesh (Executive), both shared info regarding Kebabs and the Awadhi Food.  I recommend that all of you to visit the place and enjoy some of the tasty food.

Rate my overall experience at 4.0/5.

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield
75 EPIP Area, 8th Rd, EPIP Zone, Whitefield,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Date – 7Oct’17 to 14’Oct’17
Time – 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Picture with Chef Pushkar and Chef Mahesh Padala.