Rampur Food Festival at MCafe, Marriott Whitefield


Our country has diversity in Culture, People, Language and most commonly food.  In the past, we would be able to identify food from very few regions.  But the times have changed, and the hoteliers are showcasing food from relatively unknown regions.  These are places that we have read in our geography lessons or may have seen them on TV.  Surprising many of these places have some unique cuisines that are popular in the regions.  One such area is the Rampur in UP that was ruled by Mughals in the past.

About Rampuri Cuisine

Rampuri cuisine’s part of the Mughal cuisine tradition, developed by the chefs of the Nawabs.  The dishes have distinctive flavors and its recipes passed on from the royal kitchen.  Some of the famous dishes include Rampuri fish, Rampuri Korma, Rampuri mutton kebabs, Doodhiya biryani and Adrak ka halwa.

The cuisine of Rampur and Awadh are part of the Mughal cuisine but they have unique characteristics.  Unlike Awadhi cuisine, Rampuri cuisine is not perfumed with ingredients like kevda, ittar or rose water. But Rampuri cuisine is known for its heavy usage of spices like Saffron & Nutmeg in subtle quantities.

Riyasate Rampur Food Festival

Executive Chef Sudip Misra and his team have curated some amazing dishes part of the Rampuri Food Festival.  They have selected to present some of the best dishes during the food festival.


MCafe is one of the busy restaurants in the Marriott Whitefield property.  Its always buzzing with action during lunch and dinner.  To give it a Rampuri touch, the entrance has been decked with few artifacts that looks like guards of a place.

There are plenty of paintings of king riding horses, kites, elephants and more.  It looks very nice and very appealing.

I would like to specially mention about the special art done on blackboard with colored chalks.  If jog back my memory, I think it’s the first restaurant that started using chalk sketches.  It look really good and shows the artistry of the person doing it.

There are plenty of message telling about the history of Rampuri Food that one can read.


Some of dishes prepared include Haldi Paneer, Dal-E-Mumtaz (made with Urad Dal), Subz Makhana Qaliya, Rampur Veg Biryani. All the dishes had unique flavors that were I mentioned above are vegetarian but I must say that every one of them were special.  I specially loved the unique Dal-E-Mumtaz that had a unique taste from the special spices from Rampur region.

The non-vegetarians could relish Rampur Haleem, Faizabad Murg ka Salan, Rampuri Mutton Biryani and more.

For desserts, there Badam Burfi and Halwa that tasted amazing. During the food festival, Chef also plans on making the famous like Chukander-e-Afroz (beetroot simmered with milk and finished with sunflower seeds and reduced milk), Sheer Khurma, Ghosht ka Halwa, Arab aur Anzeer ka Halwa and much more.

Overall Thoughts

Its nice to see a unique food festival at one of the popular Restaurants in Bangalore.  The taste of the dishes was amazing.  Though I have heard and read a little about Rampur Cuisine, it was good to hear from Chef.  The dishes seem to perfect for Monsoon season when every looks for something spicy and tasty.  Kudos to the effort by Chef Sudhir Misra and his team for pulling this off together. This is one of the most unique cuisine that no one should miss.  I am looking forward to the next food festival at MCafe.

Details of food festival

Dates: 17th – 27th June 2019
Price: INR 1899 INT
Location: M Cafe, Marriott Whitefield
Timing: Lunch & Dinner

More Information

Plot No 75, 8th Rd, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
Phone: 080 4943 5000