Karunadu Swada – MTR Karnataka Food Festival


After the resounding success in 2017, MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. brought back the 2nd edition of MTR Karnataka Food Festival – Karunadu Swada.  The event happened on 26th & 27th of January 2019 at St Johns Auditorium.  This special food festival had over 100 unique ethnic dishes from six regions of one of the oldest surviving cuisines of India. The festival did provide an opportunity to all food lovers to come and experience an eclectic spread of signature dishes from Bengaluru – Mysore, Mangalore, Udupi, Kodagu, Bidar-Gadag-Gulbarga and Belgaum-Dharwad-Bijapur.

Unique Offering at Food Festival

MTR Foods has been the flag-bearers of India’s culinary heritage since their inception in 1924. By curating an experience like Karnataka Food Festival, MTR Foods intends to take the people of Bengaluru and Karnataka on a journey of rediscovering the authentic taste of Karnataka. From Mangalore Buns to Sihi Huggi to Jackfruit Curry, there are over a hundred dishes to try, and to end it all, there’s a whole menu just for desserts.  As part of the Food Festival, 25 new dishes were introduced.  This year the presentation there some pre-paired dishes to present the right combination and experience.

CEO Speaks

On the 2nd edition of MTR Karnataka Food Festival, CEO, MTR Foods, Sanjay Sharma, said, “The enthusiastic response at our 1st edition of Karunadu Swada encouraged us to bring back the festival for all the food lovers. With the intent of offering authentic Kannadiga food experience, the festival is curated by a host of home chefs and our Centre of Excellence who have an unmatched repository of authentic recipes. We hope that this festival can truly showcase the cuisine and culture of Karnataka and give its patrons an authentic culinary experience.”

Background of Food Festival

The food festival is a result of immense groundwork conducted by MTR Foods. MTR’s food research division – Centre of Excellence was also involved. To focus was to capture the ethnic flavour of food from this region as much as possible. The Centre of Excellence conducted in-depth cuisine studies across Karnataka. This activity done along with renowned food historian Chandri Bhat. They traveled and visited home-cooks from various regions. More than a thousand recipes collected with the cuisine studies. Each recipe was either used for product development or curated and preserved. MTR Karnataka Food Festival showcased about 100 recipes to the people of Karnataka.

Final Thoughts

The 2nd edition of MTR Karnataka Food Festival did allow guests to enjoy traditional flavours to suite different taste-buds.  Along with good food, there were multiple performance showcasing heritage of Karnataka.