New Dishes Introduced for New Year at Farzi Cafe


Farzi Café is one of the Best Modern Indian Restaurant that serves some of Fusion Indian food. The place has been serving some amazing dishes that everyone loves. But the team of Chefs keep experimenting and come up with unique dishes to please patrons. Recently, I visited Farzi for tasting the new dishes that’s introduced for new year.

Farzi Cafe – New Dishes

The expectation were high like always and I was looking forward to tasting the dishes. I looked into the special menu and noticed new dishes in every course of meal



Artisanal Tomato Soup (served with Garlic Rusk, Basil Gel)

A perfect item to start off meal that had the right balance of flavors coming from Tomato. Garlic Bread placed on top of the soup, was crispy and tasted well with the soup.

Tapas / Starters

The starters at the Farzi are by far the best and most unique one can find in Bangalore. Every starter is unique and filled with flavors.

Assorted Poppadoms, Dips Burrata Tokri Chaat

‘Poppadoms’ is a traditional accompaniment with rice. Farzi has attempted to serve these are a starter-by itself along with varieties of dips. I loved the idea of serving Mayo, Chilli Tomato, Cheese and Mint with ‘Poppadoms’. The pairing of an Indian snack with the dips that’s popular in western countries is amazing.

Dhokla Sponge Chilli Cheese Kulcha

The best among all the starters as one gets to enjoy some delicious cheese in every bite. Imagine biting into a Kulcha, cheese oozing out and filling the mouth. The feeling was heavenly. I was straight away reminded of the cheese burst pizza, so I would call this as the Indianized version of Pizza.

Burnt Garlic Cream Farmers Land Desi Tacos

It’s very necessary to get all the ingredients working well in a chat. Chef has managed to get it all right and the chaat tastes amazing.

Paniyaram Scotch Eggs

Apart from the Veg dishes, this was one of the dishes that was an instant hit among my friends. This dish had ‘Quail’ eggs and the presentation was spot on.

Main Course

In House Fries Ratatouille Pav Bhaji

Served with Bowl Maska Focaccia, Onion, Masala Butter

Loved the Ratatouille Pav Bhaji as it was cheesy and full of flavours from tomato-based gravy. This is now become one of my favourites that I will want to eat every time I go to Farzi Cafe.

Desi Veg Sizzler Mushroom and Cheese Sizzler

Served with Herb Rice, Grill Tomato

This is the first time that I have taken a sizzler at Farzi Café. Good effort seems to have gone into making it but did not live upto the expectation. I would have loved to get taste of garlic sauce in the sizzler instead of it being very cheesy.

Meetha / Dessert

De Constructed Lemon Tart Upside Down Black Sesame & Jaggery Ice Cream

The lemon cream splashed in the base and upside-down tart was sitting on top of it. Combination of items along with the Black Sesame & Jaggery Ice-cream was amazing. The ice-cream was soft, creamy and melted in the mouth.

Unique ingredients used in making the ice-cream brought out unusual taste but it was good.

Almond Chikki Crumb

Chikki, one of the local dessert/sweet that popular in India made with ground-nut & jaggery. Instead of ground-nut, Chefs have used Almond and it tasted amazing. Crushed Chikki served along with ice-cream & upside-down cone.

The cone has layer of caramel around it and the dish was so much photographable. There was nothing striking about the dessert flavors were too mellow.


Apart from good food, also got to try the craft beer – Hefe, IPA, Saison and Rauch Beer (Christmas ale). Loved the Christmas ale as it had a slight bitterness and hint of jack-fruit flavor. Saison was another drink I had that was very refreshing to have in the afternoon along with a good meal.

Overall Experience

I loved the experience of tasting the new dishes introduced at the start of New Year 2019. Kudos to the team of Chefs at Farzi for coming up with some amazing new dishes. Among the dishes, few of them are my favourite recommend trying them. I am looking forward see tasting the next set of new dishes from Chefs soon.

More Information

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