Farzi Cafe Introduces New Menu


Farzi Café, UB City has come out with a new menu that will tingle the taste buds.  Undoubtedly, it’s one of the Best Modern Indian Dining Restaurant in the posh UB City mall, Bangalore.  Every dish has been carefully crafted by an able group of Chefs under the guidance of Zorawar Kalra.  We all know that Zorawar intends to put Indian cuisine on the map by reimagining traditional desi dishes.

New Dishes

I visited the place (May 2018) recently to try out the new dishes with my friends and was amazed.  A new creation has been introduced in all the categories.

Soups & Salads

Avocado mint Gazpacho, Jeera namak para

Chilled Avocado soup flavored with Jal Jeera, Garnished with Savoury Lavash.

Curd rice tikki chaat, Dragon scoop, Besan pearls

Curd rice patty layered with Sweet Yogurt, Mint & Sweet chutney in a clay pot.  It was garnished with dragon fruit scoop.

Mini Raj Kachori, Crispy okra salad, Chutney foam

Mini shells with sweet & sour pumpkin topped with sweet chutney foam, crispy okra salad.

Among the items mentioned above, I loved the Avacado based cold soup which was quite unique.  Every sip of the soup went along went along well with the piece of biscuit placed on the glass. 

Small Plates

Paniyaram scotch eggs, Desi ghee hollandaise

Classic scotch eggs with an Indian twist quail eggs stuffed into a Crispy rice batter bowl.

Panch phoran paneer bhurji tart, New pickle onion

Scrambled cottage cheese flavoured with Panch Phoran into a tart shell.

Desi Curd Poppers, smoked tomato chutney

Mouth Melting curd poppers with Indian spices, Served with Smoked tomato Chutney.

Dal Chawal Arancini, achar, Papad, chutney

Italian rice balls made with Dal & Chawal Served with Pickle (achar), Papad and Chutney.

Harrisa spice Paneer tikka, Tadka Cream

Mellow Cottage cheese marinated with mild chilli spice served with Tempered Mayonnaise.

Among the various dishes served on small plates, I loved the Paneer Bhurji tart and Desi Curd Poppers.


Paneer Ghee roast appam, Podi dust

Cubes of paneer cooked with south Indian spices served in a black carbon appam.

Dal Khichdi risotto, Papad crisp, Achari butter

Yellow lentils cooked with Arborio rice served with lentil crisp and Pickle butter.

Every dish mentioned had amazing presentation which would make anyone love it from the time its served on the table.


Apart from the main course, the dessert section has something truly awesome.  Farzi has again outdone itself by creating some of the most wonderful set of desserts.

Flourless chocolate cake, Tanquery Mousse, Orange crumb

Airy Chocolate cake served with seasonal fruits.

Fenni Nest, Chenna balls, Flavored Milk

Nest made from Fenni served with Sweet cottage cheese balls & Saffron flavored milk.

Peanut butter mousse taco, Banana Kulfi, Caramelized Banana

Peanut butter mousse stuffed in a sweet taco shell, Served with Banana Kulfi.

Rasmalai tres leches, Carrot cream, Rose petal net

Rasmalai made with Three textures of milk garnished with Rose petal sugar net.

It’s extremely difficult to pick a favourite as I loved every one of the them.


I have described quite a bit about the new dishes at Farzi but we all know that they make some great cocktails.  The cocktails tasted wonderful and were served in the most unique glassware.

Among the cocktails, I loved the one that was served in glass that resembled Eiffel Tower.  Another drink that was pretty good was the one with egg-white infused in it.

Recommendation Time

It has been my pleasure writing about every item that I tried at Farzi as part of the new menu.  I specially recommend that everyone in the city and the visiting travellers.  The place has something unique for those who have come to Farzi Café earlier.  One can choose from the items I mentioned above, if not ask the person taking the order to share the details of new items.  I am looking forward to visiting Farzi Café many more times to try all the new dishes.

Level 2, UB City, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

072594 00900