Modern/Fusion Indian Cuisine across Restaurants in Bangalore


Our country has been known across globe for his rich heritage and culture. The individual customs & traditions followed in various regions vary along with food choices. Every region has their own cuisines like – Punjabi, Bengali, South Indian, Andhra, Maharashtrian, North Eastern, Garhwali’s, Lucknow, Gujrati, Rajasthani and more. People hailing from these regions are constantly watching food trends and have realised the need to innovate. These innovations have led to creation of Modern/Fusion Indian food. Restauranteurs are eager to adopt to these changing trends and allow the introduction of new dishes to win over customers.

The increase in restaurants serving Modern/Fusion Indian food has been predicted by experts in the recent Godrej Food Trends Report 2018. Modern/Fusion Indian has the highest percentage among other Global cuisines like Middle Eastern Cuisine, Korean, Peruvian & Vietnamese. Widgets

Fusion Indian Cuisine in Bangalore

I would define Fusion Indian Food as any Indian Dish that has something different in terms of ingredients, presentation or preparation style. The trend has become very popular in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore which has plenty of immigrant population. Most of the people come in search of new job and career opportunities.

There has also been a steady inflow of people working in food & hospitality industry coming to city. The main intention would be to show their skills and serve large set of people from their own region. Chefs are inspired after interacting with locals and understanding the cuisines. They then experiment with the known dishes and bring about the change.

Apart from being inspired by local cuisine, Chef are also inspired by global food trends. Most of the Chefs nowadays take up assignment across the globe in various hotels, restaurants and cruise ships. They learn about the global cuisines and look to incorporate some changes to Indian dishes. Chefs come back to India and introduce the dishes with a different names. These dishes then become part of Fusion Indian Cuisine.

Top Restaurants

Over the past decade, Bangalore has seen a meteoric rise in the number of restaurants serving food of different cuisine. Darshini(s), serving the local South Indian food are the most common hotels in Bangalore. But there are many that bring about the change by serving something different.

Top 6 restaurants across the Bangalore city serving the Modern/Fusion Indian Cuisine food include – Alchemy (Chancery Pavilion), Rocksalt, Farzi Café, Bombay Brasserie, The London Curry House, and The Permit Room. Each of them has gained popularity by serving unique dishes that have different taste.

Special Dishes

I will share info regarding some of the special dishes that the restaurants (mentioned in earlier section) serve to have gained the popularity & love.


This restaurant has opened recently on the 10th floor of Hotel Chancery Pavilion. The executive Chef Hari Nayak has more than 2 decades of experience working in various restaurants across the globe. Chef has been able to bring add Indian twist to many of the global dishes and impressed people worldwide.

Some of my top picks at this restaurant would be – Artichoke Aloo Samosa, Arbi Tostones, Tikki Trio and Mysore Pak Cheesecake. Every dish has great taste and elegant presentation.

There are many more items that one should try including – Fire Roasted Corn Chowder, Kale Saag, Five Cheese Kofta, Gondhoraj Lemon Mousse and more.


A terrace restaurant located in the CBD area (near UB City, Lavelle Road, St Marks Road & MG Road), offers the most unique tasting dishes. Presentation of the dishes are sure to let anyone admire the dish before consuming the same. Started by celebrity Chef Abhijit Saha, its become a popular place for office parties and a place to hang-out.

Some of my favourite dishes at this place include – Baked Vegetable Samosa, Khasta Roti Tacos, Dahi Ke Kebab and Caramel Baked Yogurt. The taste of every dish will tele-transport anyone to different world.

There are many more dishes one should try in this restaurant including the Pani Puri, Kadhai Paneer Moderne and Rocksalt Jelabi.

Farzi Café

Located in the posh UB City Mall, it’s been the most popular from the time it opened to public. One can expect the best of Modern Indian food served in this restaurant. Owned by Zorawar Kalra, who wants to put Indian cuisine on the map by reimagining traditional desi dishes.

The menu keeps changing every 6 months and they bring out the most unique dishes that tingles the taste buds. Some of my top picks among the dishes include – Paniyaram scotch eggs, Desi Curd Poppers served with Smoked Tomato Chutney, Harrisa spice Paneer tikka and Fenni Nest, Chenna balls, Flavored Milk.

There are many dishes that one can try at this place – Panch phoran paneer bhurji tart, Paneer Ghee roast appam, Dal Kichdi Risotto and more.

Bombay Brasserie

Another popular restaurant located in the busy Indiranagar 12th Main, has earned good name for itself. Recently I visited the restaurant and came to know that it was being visited by Deepika Padukone (famous Bollywood actress) who was dining with here family. The brand has become popular ever since and they also have another outlet in Food Court of Ecoworld IT Park.

Some of my top picks among the dishes one should try here are – The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri, Aam Papad Paneer, Chilli Cheese Kulcha and Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich.

The elaborate menu makes it very difficult to pick the dishes, it’s easy to ask the staff before ordering the dishes. Few more dishes that I would recommend here would be – Bombay Lunch Home Veg Curry & Banana Leaf Rice, Lohe Ki Kadhai Ke Aloo, Dum Ke Kali Dal and Amritsari Kulfa.

The London Curry

This restaurant located in the busy Race Course Road that serves only Vegetarian Food. They serve Pizzas, North Indian and Modern Indian cuisines. Even though the restaurant serves only Vegetarian food and they do little promotion, but still it’s one of the popular restaurants.

Some of my top dishes served include – Potli Chaat with Spicy Tomato Salsa, Patrani Paneer & Dum Paneer and Kalimirch Kadai. The names of the dishes might sound familiar, but their flavours do have some twist making them unique.

Apart from the above mentioned they have many more unique dishes – Delly Belly Chole Bunny Chao, Sev Puri Pizza Isstyle, Baahubali XXL Kachori Chaat, Videshi Chocolatey Dahi Puri, Loaded Nachos Ka Twist and more. I am yet to try many of the dishes and plan to do when I visit the place in future.

The Permit Room

This casual dining restaurant and bar serves South Indian dishes as snacks along with drinks. We all have mostly tried American, European or Mexican food along with the variety of cocktails. But this place breaks the stereotype by giving options among the South Indian dishes and serve them with a twist.

Some of my top picks among the dishes include – Cheesey Gunpowder Pondy Fries, Chiroti Sandwich, Kuzhi Paniyaram Sliders and Chilly Cheese Bajji. Its mouth water even to be able to write about these dishes.

There are plenty of options to choose from their elaborate menu. Few items that I can suggest – Cocktail Medhu Vada, Mini Dosa Rolls, Bellary Baba’s Bendekai, Cheesy Onion Samosa and more.

Way Forward

In my article, I have tried to share my thoughts on various factors that have influenced the changes to the traditional Indian dishes. I also listed some of the popular dishes across various restaurant in restaurant in Bangalore. Personally, it become hard to pick the specific restaurant and in such a case proximity to home becomes the deciding factor.

Kudos to the Chefs for learning from different cuisine and looking to experiment. Restaurateurs are also willing to offer unique dishes to customers.

I am sure that the we will see many more restaurant adopting the Modern/Fusion Indian Cuisine in years to come. It will be a treat for food-lovers to relish the variety, every time they dine out.

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