Pindi – Best of Indian Cuisine Since 1948


The Legacy

Pindi was established in 1948, right after the Partition of India, by Shri Kasturi Lal Wadhwa. Its origins lie, of course, in the famed food streets of Rawalpindi, in present-day Pakistan. From there, in the violent wake of the Partition, came Kasturi Lal Wadhwa, then barely 20 years old, to Delhi.  He started with a small cart, selling Pindi Chana & Kulcha. That quality of intuitive hospitality connected with people and the Pindi Cart won word-of-mouth publicity, the only kind possible at the time.

In 1954, he was allotted a shop in Pandara Market as part of Partition compensations and Kasturi Lal set up Pindi there. At that point, there were only vegetable and grocery shops in the market square, and his was the only food place that was just a counter. The menu soon expanded to include Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and Tandoori Chicken, still the favourites of customers here.

New York Times’ once quoted saying ‘the best butter chicken tasted by civil servants and foreigners alike’ is available in a little place in Pandara Road Market in New Delhi called “Pindi”. That was 1982.  When he began, the restaurant was a mere 10-seater. In 1991, two sections were added to expand the restaurant to its present capacity of 95-100.

The masalas that have underpinned the authentic, ‘back home’ taste of Pindi – the Garam Masala. Channa Masala and the Chaat Masala, to name a few – are trade secrets and hold a place of pride in the family legacy.

Decades later, what stays firmly in place is the original prestige of Pindi – bursting with native flavours, seasoned impeccably with genuine ingredients and served with 70 years of undying love.

Pindi has stood the test of time, bringing you the best of North Indian Cuisine every single day.

Picture above at taken at the Pindi Restaurant in Bangalore.

Recent Awards

THE WEEK – JOURNALISM WITH A HUMAN TOUCH awarded CULINE 5 rating in ‘The Week-IMRB Best Restaurant Survey 2017’ awards.