Pindi – Classic India Restaurant in HSR, Bangalore

This is one of the newest restaurants in town, which is setup @HSR layout.  When you read through the name, it sounds like another ‘Punjabi Restaurant’.  But then when I had a discussion with the owners and partners of the restaurant, I came to know that it is one of the oldest restaurants setup in old Delhi. 


Its history dates back to early 1948, when the restaurant was setup in Delhi.  Generations together this restaurant business has been running and now the mantle have come to the 2nd and 3rd generations.  I really appreciate the fact that they have been serving people this long and have kept customers happy.  Infact, if you look at many restaurants that seem to come up, do well for few days, months or may be few years and shut business.  This is an excellent example to everyone in the hotel business.  And now the latest generation has brought the same restaurant, serving the same food, in Bangalore.  


In Bangalore, they are setup at one of the prime locality in Bangalore, HSR Layout.  The directions are quite simple, if you are coming from Madiwala Junction that is from Silk Board, you will need to keep driving on the outer ring road.  There is a small junction, which need to be crossed, which doesn’t have signal.  You will need to drive along until the next signal, take right.  And then take immediately left at the service road.  The ‘Pindi’ appears to the right side.  And its situated on the 3rd floor and 5th floor.


If you are coming from Sarjapur Outer Ring Road junction, cross the 1st flyover near HSR Layout 1st& 2nd sector.  Take the flyover that goes across the HSR BDA complex and then take immediate left.  And then take right along side the service road.  Pindi restaurant appears to the left side.
The place has very good décor and a lot of thought has gone behind setting it up all together.  Few things that I should be sharing.


3rd Floor Section
  • Ample spaces for guests to come, dine in, walk across and sit comfortably.
  • There are these special paintings related to Delhi, which captures the essence.   Some of the images include – Lotus Temple, India Gate, Roadside vendors selling Pani-Puri and people driving in Premium cars, Kutub Minar.  And then there is also the Taj Mahal in the background, Pani Puri vendor, Chandni Chowk & Old Delhi shopping areas, Eatery @Connaught Place.  Overall a great display of Delhi in the walls.



  • There are collections of artifacts that are kept on a small section against the walls.  It contains the, Lorry, Old Lunch boxes, Stoves, Carts, Cow made of wood, Traditional Equipment used to make small pieces of carrot.
  • There is a division via stone and wooden structure separating sections.  There is this small pot that have small plants hanging.  This is spread across the entire section where the partition extends.
  • Seating is very well setup.  Each table has nice selection of cutlery, mat and cloth.




Terrace Section




  • There is another section on the 5thfloor, which has great view of the city.  It has got some nice selection of flowing plants kept on pots.  Each of them is setup on the walls.  It gives a great look.
  • The terrace view is gives a wonderful view of the HSR layout.  And for sure its quite popular already if you are looking to dine in evening coz of the lighting.


  • Terrace also has this nice hanging bulbs and also nice plants hanging.


Each and every aspect of the restaurant in terms of décor has been taken care very well.
The place sure does have a great ambiance and history.  But then it is quite critical that the food served is also good. 


Shahi Veg Tandoori Platter
This was something I wanted to try coz this gives an option to try out multiple dishes that are available and lets you have different flavors in the palette.  It was an excellent selection of items present as part it.


Veg Galauti Kebab
This dish contains a combination of yam, channa and other traditional spices.  Dish that is popular in North India has been brought here to Bangalore.  The taste is pretty good and you can feel the flavors just playing around in the mouth.  The taste was pretty good.


Kurkuri Bhindi
This is one of the really good starters I have tried in awhile.  Crunchiness outside the bhindi adds a different kind of flavor.  Enjoyed it very much and felt like having more pieces of it.


Aachari Chaamp
A dish that is made of channa .  The feel it gives like it is a non-veg dish but it is vegetarian.  The taste of this is pretty good and I think it is something that is to be taken every time you go ‘Pindi’.


Dahi Ke Kebab
This is another very well done dish.  Though it wasn’t known few years back, it has become a very popular dish.  Its important to get the right amount of softness and the flavors.  When you take it along with mint chutney it tastes the best.
Soy ke Boti
This is surely the mock meat coz it looks like a non-veg but it’s a veg.  It is made out of soya, which in general when put in items like rice or subji, gives a feel like chicken.  The starter was done very well and I enjoyed it very much.


Paneer Tikka
This for sure is one of the most important dishes for vegetarians.  The taste was pretty good but I thought that it could have been a bit softer. It tasted well with the lemon and mint chutney.
Main Course


Sarsoon Ka Saag (Seasonal)
The dish was pretty well done.  It had good amount of spinach in it.  And the overall dish had the right amount of thickness and spices.  This is on the same lines as Palak Paneer but without Paneer.  The presentation and the quantity were both quite good.


Makhani Paneer Masala
This is one of my favorite dishes that I usually try in a North Indian restaurant coz its one of the most basic and the taste needs to be good.  They sure do have a well-trained Chef who are experts I making it.


Dal Makhani (Spl with Desi Ghee)
Another very well done dish, containing ‘Desi Ghee’.  Taste that will linger in the mouth for a while.  And also the portion size is quite good.


Soya Chaamp Masala
A dish in which soya chaamp pieces are added along with the masalas.  A dish that again looks like non-veg coz of the presence of soya chaamp.  I had to recheck 2-3 times before eating it.  The taste sure was exquisite.



Roti Katori
This was a tradition Roti basket with ‘Tandoori Roti’, ‘Naan’ and ‘Makai Roti’.  The Tandoori roti and naan were good.  The only concern I had was with the Makai Roti, which was quite dry.  But yes, if you can ask them to make it softer they will do it by adding some ghee.  I think that is something they need to keep it consistent.


Water Melon Cooler
This is one of the most refreshing drinks on a hot afternoon.  I enjoyed drinking every bit of it coz I went to the restaurant in the afternoon.  Every sip of it was refreshing.


Lime Juice Sweet / Salt
A simple drink that most of us take while having meals.  The taste has come out very well. 


Virgin Mojito
This is on the same lines as the Lime Juice sweet salt but done mostly with soda water and mint leaves are put on it.  The taste with the complete combination was good.


Fruit Cream (Spl)
This is a great desert that has fruit pieces in it with special cream.  Initially you would think it is custard but it is not.  The taste is exquisite and somehow makes feel very nice.  It isn’t that sweet as well and feels like its just optimum.
This is desert that everyone should order when you go to Pindi.


The food was simply amazing and I had a lovely time tasting it.
Overall Experience
It was a great time spent tasting some lovely food at the Pindi.  The historical touch also was great coz then you appreciate food more.  The starters and the main course were all very good.  I would think that it is a great place to dine with friends and family.  It is perfectly located as it is not in the crowded places in HSR layout.  My rating for this place is 4.0/5.  I am surely the rating will go after trying 1-2 more times.  I am glad that HSR now has a really good fine dining restaurant.



Ratings in other departments are as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would costly anywhere between INR1000-1500.