Tomatina – HSR Layout, Bangalore


Nice name given of ra restaurant which makes you believe that he is somehow keep the name from the ‘Tomatina’ Fest that happens in Spain.  How I know it, from the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.  I am hoping that someone will give an answer sometimes.

Would say that it was a long wait until I ate from the restaurant.  Its nearly 2-3 months since I have been thinking and talking to my friends but never materialised.   Finally, the day came and I enjoyed it.
It is on the HSR Layout 1st sector.  If I am not wrong, you should cross the Sony Centr on the right and then from there in 500-600mts you will find it to the right.  You might sometimes miss it coz there are quite a few commercial establishment around that place.
The uniqueness about this place is that it is basically a veg only restaurant. I was quite hungry of the afternoon lunch and then I got this thought that I should straight away go for the main-course.  Some of the items that I ordered and the taste of them.
Main Course
Palak Paneer
I have had this craving of eating PP for long time and somehow not many people were serving me some good Palak paneer and I was getting quite pissed out and thinking how come people have forgotten the art of making good palak and mixing it up with Paneer.  You can make out by the thickness of the palak paste as well.  In this case, it was pretty well done and was quite semisolid.  The sabji went on quite well with the ‘Laccha Parata’ and ‘Pudina Parata’.
Paneeer Khurchan
This was something I thought was simply out of the world coz the Paneer was quite good an the gravy was quite good.  Infact, it was so much better than I ended up strong some of it and taking it to office next and eating for lunch.  The combination prepared along with Tomato gravy and paneer came out quite good.  I guess many of the star hotel complaining about the paneer, need to check about the place from were Tomatina gets.
Lachhedar Paratha
This is a layered parata which is on the lines of ‘Kottu Paratha’  but this surely is different.  I thought they had done a very job with it.  The taste with my gravies was awesome actually 🙂
Pudina Paratha
There are some place where this used to be very good but not now.  This place as well the
pudina flavoured on the rotis is quite good and the overall feel was real good.
Veg Biryani
Pretty decently prepared biryani.  I know that they are not experts of it but then it was pretty decent.  I could actually take it to my office next day.  It went along quite well with Paneer and palak side-dish.  Just that I thought that the masala surely could have been more.  And also the raita should have been a little bit more thicker.
Overall I felt glad that my wait for eating from a good restaurant was over.  And I sure did feel good after eating this food.  My rating is 3.5 coz I felt that it has got scope for improvements.  I did not order any drink so I can’t comment on the drinks part of the menu.
My other ratings are as follows –
Food – 3.75/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Hoping that the next time I dine here, I will enjoy it more and rate it accordingly higher 🙂