Greasy Spoon – HSR Layout, Bangalore

Greasy spoon is one of the eateries I found while searching for a good place to eat on a lazy sunday afternoon.  I was desperately in need of something to eat in and around your area, you start to look out for places.  And I zeroed in on my search at Greasy Spoon.   My first thought was that it might be a place where some greasy Indian food would be served with nice butter/ghee it.  Then I found out that it is more of a place serving ‘Continental’/‘American’ style of food.
Present on the HSR 1st sector on the same road as many many other restaurants are present.  To be precise if you are coming from Outer Ring Road Sarjapur junction it the first left @HSR layout.  And then you need to go on for nearly 500-600mts and you will find this kids shop and this place is present right above it.  You got to be watchful as it is easily missable.  If you see from outside, it is also written as ‘American Food’.




Food wise as I told they are more focussed on Continental/American style food. As you enter the building, there isn’t any sign board that says that its on the 2nd or 3rd floor.  Infact, there was another couple along and we all ended up going to 3rd floor and then were shocked, coz the restaurant is on the 2nd floor.
But has you come down there you would see 2 easy cane chair where you can sit and relax, may be while you wait.  And then there is this ‘Foose-ball’ that you can play with friends.
In the interiors of the restaurant are pretty impressive coz its got these cool posters of rock-groups like Pink Floyd, picture of ‘Bob Dylan’, guitar on the wall and many other things related to music & art.  I guess the posters are similar to the concept of the Hard-rock cafe.  And the other places, that comes to my mind when I come her is the ‘Hole in the Wall’ and ‘Cafe Thulp’  All seem to have similar setup.




I had been for a breakfast, so got the menu which was only 2 pages.  I had already decided to go for the ‘English Breakfast’.  The contents of it is –
A Traditional English Breakfast with Tofu (2 pieces), Hash brown (got 4 as I was not taking eggs), Baked Beans, Mushrooms, Potatoes and Tomato served with Toast and butter.
There were other options like waffle and pancake as well but I thought this was the most wholesome breakfast that I could have.  Apart from the food, they have quite a few varieties of juices, milkshakes along with the regular coffee & tea.  Let me share some thoughts not he food I had.



English Breakfast
This took some time to come to the table as I realise that this had quite a few items to prepare and put it on the plate.  The toast was simply super with the Amul butter that was served. The taste came coz I was eating other items and used to eat small portion of toast and somehow the flavour was very good.
Baked Bean
It was well done as it was quite soft to take.  It is more like the Rajma that is prepared in Punjabi or North Indian food.  Infact, you can also add the ‘beans’ on the Toast and it becomes Baked-Bean Toast.
I am usually not a fan of potato but this one was pretty good with nice chilly and salted.  But I did have to add some chilly and pepper to get additional flavour.
Hash Brown
Simple preparation in which potato pieces are pan-fried after being shredded, julienned, diced, or riced.  They gave me 4 pieces of it and it was pretty good.  You don’t need ketchup and it taste good without that as well actually.
Tomato Steamed
This was basically a piece of tomato that is toilet and then salt, pepper are added.  It is wonderful to eat it as part of the breafast.
This was basically the steamed/boiled mushrooms and they were all pretty good and tasted good.  It is not that spicy or bland, just the optimum.  
Tea (Regular)
Apart from the breakfast, I had asked for Tea.  I guess this was the biggest disappointment as he got me hot water and there was this ‘Taj Mahal’ tea-bag in it and milk was separate.  I usually don’t like that a restaurant wants the individual to make something.  I wanted a tea to have been prepared and brought.  And that too I don’t like so much of water in the tea.  Coz many times the water is so much that the tea flavour does not come into milk.  And the over period of time milk become cold and somehow it does not work out fine.
I was okay okay taking the tea, but surely would have expected readymade version.
Overall I had a decent breakfast which pretty much filled my stomach.  It is not that I can take that very regularly coz the food for veg is quite limited.  And also I was shocked why a s/w would not be there until 11.30-45am.  Coz many of us sometimes would like to take a s/w or burger.  I remember someone getting a burger when they came in at 12.  
My rating was this place would be an average 3.5.  Has got lot of potential to improve.  I don’t want it to be similar to any other place.  It should be unique in itself, which I think it needs to work on.
My other ratings are as follows –
Food – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 3.5/5
Drinks – 3.5/5
Few more points to add is that it has a great view of the main road and traffic below.  And also quite well space in terms of seating inside the restaurant.  Service wise I thought it could be better. Crowd wise it is generally good as young crowd comes.