Hunger Meals @ HSR, Bangalore

Hunger Meals is one home delivery company that focus on giving home-made meals to people.  This for is one of the most unique concepts, coz there are people who venture into this and want to make some of the special Top Chef dishes and deliver it to home.  There are some who make some new dishes that are not known to others are they sell.  Few also bring up combinations and sell.  I guess this group is completely different, coz the food that is delivered contains the normal combinations which we are used to eating at home.   It has come up in the recent times in the HSR layout area and I got a chance to eat some of the meals.  Let me share my experience.
HSR layout area has established itself as one of the best areas for residential and commercial.  I don’t think that there are software firms in this area but there are plenty of house.  And loads of immigrants from other states are here but working at various parts of city.  There are number of people in the HSR layout area who miss their home food and get to eat very heavy meals.  Then the idea of meals with items made just like in home, came to a group of people. They then started ‘Hungry Meals’.  And from what I hear, without much publicity, they are doing pretty good for themselves.
To add to what I told in my earlier para, the times have come when family members are working and want to get food tastes like what we would prepare.  A food delivery coming from Hungry Meals would be most beneficial.
The kitchen for the ‘Hungry Meals’ is located in the HSR Layout 2nd sector.  I am yet to visit the place but from enquiry I found it.


This being a delivery model, I thought I should share some thoughts on the packaging.
Currently plastic plates with section for keeping various ingredients are used.  It is a black plastic material that is used.  And depending on the South Indian or North Indian, different plates are used.
They also put a plastic paper on top that actually has sticky material which stick in between the various section.
Typically, anyone needs to be careful otherwise the daal or subji might fall of.
The area of HSR and many other part of cities are getting away from use of plastic.  I think Hungry Meals folks are also looking to make some changes which I am hoping to see soon.
The points mentioned above indicate that they have decent packaging of food.
This is the most critical reason why people would order from this place.  I think the meals are made home-style with less usage of oil, spices or seasoning.


North Veg Meals
This meal comes with 2 veg curries and 1 daal.  Along with this 3 phulkas, rice and chutney are also given.
The veg curry was the ‘Cauliflower curry’ which was quite dry and the taste was just like what North Indian would prepare.  Taste came out to be quite good.


Aloo curry was a dry item which had little gravy.  I think small potatoes were used and the taste was quite good with the phulkas.
Daal was pretty good, it wasn’t thick as I thought it should be.  It was somewhat watery.
The meals were pretty well setup with the items I mentioned above.   When you start eating you realize that the taste is just perfect.
Only concern I had was with regards to the plain rice, which I thought could have been a little bit softer.
This North Meals is surely going to be hit among the North Indian living this area.


South Veg Meals
The contents of this meal is a little different from the North Meal.  Items added as part of this meal includes – 1 veg curry, 1 daal, 1 sambar, Rice and chutney.


Veg curry in my case was the ‘Beetroot curry’ which was pretty well prepared and typically this is the curry that is made at home.  We would consume the same with the rice.  The beetroot was well cooked and tasted good.


Daal was pretty good, and not sure but yes it was a little thicker than the one given for North Meals.  The taste was quite similar.  And yes, with the rice it is a great to have with daal.


Sambar in this case was the ‘Radish’ sambar with tomato.  It also had drumstick and brinjol in it.  This for sure is one of the traditional sambar that we make at home.  The taste was quite good and with the rice, it was wonderful to take.  It made me feel like I was eating home food.
Chutney is given so that if you need some spice, you can add it along.
The taste of the South Meal was pretty good except for the rice which I felt that it was a little dry.  I think the partners for this group, will make these minor adjustments in future.
Overall Experience
It was wonderful experience having food prepared from a Kitchen that wants to deliver home-food to home.  The taste of the North and South Veg Meals were pretty good.  Only thing that could be improved is the rice softness.  Apart from that they can also look at creating a logo for themselves and put it on the boxes.  These all customization will keep the people be associated with the brand more.  My current rating is 4.0/5 and I feel that it is worth the rating. I am hoping to see more changes – may be additional menu options, additional curry options and many more.
My rating in other departments include.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 3.75/5
VFM – 4.0/5


Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR200-400 depending on the meal you will be ordering.