Zzungry’s New Kitchen @Maratahalli

This is one of the food delivery chains that has established itself quite well in Bangalore.  I can still recollect the times when I got their food delivered to my home and I was totally amazed by the taste.  The food tasted so much better than many of the star-hotels, where you think that the best of the chef would make the best of the food.  Well indeed, the concept of ‘Zzungry’ is also to bring the food that we get in 5 star hotels to home.  I guess they have been true to their words and they have been delivering & instigating the taste-buds of Bangaloreans to try out more & more.


Once a place becomes popular the next best thing to do would be to have multiple branches coz people from different parts of the city start asking if they do have delivery chains.  This has led the Zzungry folks to open Kitchen at different part.  The latest addition is the kitchen @ Maratahalli.  For sure there are plenty of folks in the radius of 5-7 kms who are keen on getting the food from Zzungry.
I happened to come over the new kitchen and thought of ordering food.  And to my surprise I see that apart from the contemporary items, they have added many newer items.  Let me share some of my thoughts on the food.
The idea of Zzungry is quite simple, try to give the best quality food to households and reasonable price.
  • Instead of having to dry far and away from home, get the food delivered to home.
  • Instead of paying hefty amounts at Star Hotels, get the fame quality food delivered.
  • Instead visiting multiple places for eating different varieties of food, let the Zzungry give you the variety from the trained Chef.
  • Instead of worrying about the quality and taste of the food at various outlet, maintain consistency.


They surely have been true to the words and that’s what I felt about the food.


This is one of the most critical aspect of a food delivery chain.  The food needs to be brought freshly from the kitchen and packaging should not let the heat be lost.  Few things that have been done.
  • The food now comes in a nice hard box which is not flimsy for the delivery folks people to carry.
  • Boxes that carry the subjis need to be hard so it does not spill over.
  • Food items need to be cleanly named so that people would know what food item is present in which of the containers.


Many of the items I have mentioned has been taken care quite well and for sure this might be a reason for the taste of the food staying intact from the time it is prepared in the kitchen.
This is for sure is the most important reason why people prefer food from Zzungry.  The quality and taste of the food is simply awesome. Let me share my experience on few items I tried recently.


Chutney Aloo Tukda
This was a dish that contained the pieces of Aloo and there was pudina gravy on it.  I would not call it as a dry item to be taken along with roti but a wonderful starter.  The taste was simply awesome and I would not resist myself, coz the dish got over in no time.


Malai Broccoli is one of the special starters from Zzungry.  For sure this is also one of the them now.


Amrapali Paneer
This is the Paneer starter that comes with 4 pieces of Paneer and some special gravy.  The gravy tasted so much like the mango chutney.  Whatever combination was addition; the taste was simply awesome.  I loved the flavours in the starter.

The starter came in a nice box so the freshness was intact.


Amras Kadi
This is the season for mango and what more than preparing a kadi which is made of besan with a hint of mango.  The mango induced flavoured kadi and pakodi tasted yummy.

This is something that can be taken with roti, chapatti or rice.  I loved the texture of the food.


Dum Aloo Bhojpuri
I think this was the best dish of the evening by far.  The contents are aloo and the gravy tasted so much like the ‘Paneer Butter Masala’ gravy.  Whatever was done, tasted simply awesome.  The dish is so much finger licking that you would want to just eat it as is instead of taking it with the roti.


The red gravy was quite yummy and for sure everyone who tried the taste along with me enjoyed it very much.  It was not spicy, not too sweet and was optimum & nearly perfect.


Hyderabadi Paneer Kurma
Paneer curry is something quite a favourite for the vegetarians.  And this curry is something different, it is a kurma which has the greenish brown gravy coz it’s a kurma.  The paneer was quite soft and more than anything the gravy tasted yummy.  A great dish that can be taken with any of the Indian add-on(s) like the tandoori roti, chapatti or even with rice.


Matar Kulcha Banarasi
The concept of stuffed kulcha has become quite popular but then it needs to be made well so you can have enjoyed with some of the curries part of the main course.  The matter was added in good quantity and the maida used to make kulcha was great.  The only thought would be probably having 2 portion of the kulcha coz it is hard to satisfy 1 self by taking only 1 piece of it.


Dingari Matar Pulao
Well, after eating all the wonderful gravy it was time to try some pulao.  And whenever I hear the word pulao, I think that it somehow lacks the taste coz it contains limited items.  In this case, the matar and the addition of veggies were done quite well.

The taste was quite good and I could actually add some of the gravy from the curry and eat it along.

Angoori Rasmalai
The word Rasmalai has the word Rass which is the juice and for sure the malai/skim milk was pretty awesome as it had badam in it.

The small balls of ‘kova’/’cheese balls’ looked like the grapes which is why the word ‘Angoori’ is used.

The overall taste was simply super and for sure even my family loved the taste of it.

Pineapple Rose Mix
This is one of the special juices that had a combination of the Rose along with Pineapple, it tasted yummy.

It’s nice to nice a combination like this which for sure has not been thought of.

The taste was quite good and is something that is hard to resist after taking one sip.
Overall Experience
I simply don’t have much words to describe the quality of the food. The taste was simply awesome and for sure it was one of the best North Indian meals I have had in a while now.  The gravy for each and every curry was well done.  Inspite of the kitchen being new, the Chef has done a great job in maintain the mark of the Zzungry in the new kitchen.  I would rate my experience at 4.5/5.  There are very few delivery chains that can even come close to the quality of the food that we can get at Zzungry.
I wish that they open up many more Kitchens across Bangalore and also have the same across various part of the country.  Would only wish them good luck and say ‘Keep it up’ J
My rating in other departments is quite consistent.
Food – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
VFM – 4.5/5


Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR600-900.