Zzungry – Best Food Delivery @Indranagar

This is a delivery restaurant that has come up in 2 different locations in Bangalore.  I have already shared my feedback on the HSR Layout outlet.  Now, its time to share the feedback on the Indranagar outlet.  Well, I guess it may not be right to copy paste but then I felt that the taste is absolutely same as the one in the HSR Layout.  This opportunity came to as part of the 17th FBAB meet up when a group of foodies decided to try the ‘Zzungry’ food at Chaipatty, Indranagar. 


This was an opportunity where we got an opportunity to also meet the people who setup the Zzungry revolution in Bangalore.  Well, when you hear a person like that speak, you need just stay quiet and listen coz the words coming from years of experience.
We heard from ‘Subalish Baliga’, how the market is picking up for home-delivery model, how there is a problem with the delivery folks who end up hiking the price, issue with the flavor being intact in case the food needs to travel, the uptake & repetition of customers in a given locality, the competition and the profitability.  Well, it was quite insightful in the way a restaurateur who wants to venture into a business to be able to make good money.
Ofcourse, keeping the tradition of the Zzungry, the idea is to serve 5 star quality food at your doorsteps at a reasonable price.
This lets me jump in directly into the review of the food.
I heard from the owners and partners telling that they try to keep a fixed menu during the entire week and then change it.  It is quite nice to know that they don’t want people to get bored of the same old dish.  Instead they can always switch to another one.  But there are some signature items that don’t change week in and week out, but stay.
Again the menu is quite colorful with all the photos of food items alongside the descriptive info.  Menu I think is different from HSR outlet, not sure if the same is maintained across.
This sure is the critical aspect of the food delivery, as the taste needs to be same across various outlets.
Tandoori Malai Broccoli
The broccoli is given an Indian makeover with ingredients like cardamom and malai
This for sure has remained the same across the outlets.  And surely the first bit blew me off and I had to settled own for 1-2 mts before being able to speak.  Again, it sure does seem to be something secretive, which is causing the Broccoli to taste so good.
Paneer Tikka
This is one that paner that has cream around it.  And probably the paneer is kept on Tandoor a little to get some burnt effect.  The taste of it is yummy.


Main Course
Veg Shabnam Curry
A subji that has a mixture of various veggies and for sure the gravy is simply awesome.  This is dish that goes along quite well with the parantha combinations that is there in Zzungry.


Ajwaini Hing Parantha
A very different approach taken by the owners to introduce a special parantha instead of the normal Tandoori Roti.  But the taste it for sure is awesome. There are special ingredients that are present inside which add the flavours.  One of them happens to be rage which is very good for health.


Nachini Butta Parantha
This is another interesting parantha where corn is put in the center.  And I don’t think they put it later, but kind of put in the batter.  I am sure how its made, but it sure is quite interesting parantha, which taste very good along with the ‘Shabnam Curry’.


Shimla Veg Pulao
This is the same pulao I had when it was served home.  This again has a combination of 3 capsicum types i.e., Green, Red & Yellow.  The flavor surely is pretty decent compared to HSR.  But yes, it still needs some rework and improvement.
Final Thoughts
I think the folks who started this are experience.  Infact, they have pulled in the best of talent from IHM.  And when you do that you get consistency for sure.  The taste remained almost unchanged when food was consumed from 2 different outlets.  My rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  I am sure it will gain trust of the people.
My rating in other departments would be –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5
Food for 2 would costly anywhere between INR500-800.  And yes you are guaranteed delivery within 45mts.