Baba Fattoosh – Best Food Delivery @Maratahalli

This one of the food delivery group in Bangalore, that is focused on serving some great food made by chefs, who are skilled in their jobs.  The name is pretty unique for a food chain but then I guess it is quite catchy.  And the word ‘Baba’ can be used to someone who is learned, in this case baba is the person who knows more about the food.  Well, whoever kept the name, has surely spent sometime coming up with it.


The review I am writing is for the restaurant situated in Maratahalli.  Their idea is to serve some great food, which is usually made at homes to be made available to be delivered.   They have a dedicated set of Chef who create the dishes and package it in a way that you might eat at home.  But the quality will be quite good and for sure make it as much finger licking as possible.


I have to specifically write about this coz I like the way the food is packed in those night black boxes instead of those contemporary white boxes.  The food somehow is fresher and overall package looks elegant.  They use nice cloth bags in which the food boxes are sent.


Well, whatever I said might be good but then all that matter sometimes is the food that we get to eat.  And with regards to this they surely haven’t disappointed.  I have ordered from this place in the past and will share my experience on the basis of the food that I had recently.


Time to share my thoughts on the food in offering.  Let go straight to the dishes.
Bhindi Kurkure
This was an awesome starder, which is very similar to the crispy potato chips.  But it isn’t, it’s made out of ladies finger and it is fried.  Infact, for a moment I also thought that it was bitter gourd fried well.  Whatever it is an awesome starter, which you surely can’t stop by eating 1 piece.  You will end up finishing it without a break coz its that tasty.


Main Course
Paneer Butter Masala
This is one of the ultimate Paneer main course I have eaten in a while.  I think I have also ordered it couple of times and the taste has been quite consistent.  The gravy is quite thick, good amount of Paneer cubes have been added.  And ofcourse the tomato gravy made it so interesting.  It just gets onto tongue and makes you feel delighted taking a bite of it.


The chapattis that you get here are simply amazing.  They seem to look like the wheat paranthas what you get at many places.  Just that it is much browner and for sure it has 100% wheat I feel.  The taste of it quite good and it goes along with the subji quite well.
Vegetable Biryani
This is also pretty good with different kind of masala and addition of quite a few veggies. Some of the veggies in it included carrot, beans and onions.  The taste was good but yes when you compare it with the biryanis that you get at other places, may be it does not match coz there is something missing. 
The raita given also does not seem to have much of the onions or tomatoes.  It is more of the masala raita.


For many of us, Jamoon might be favorite.  We complain many times about the way it is hard when we eat at some of the places.  But here at Baba Fattoosh, it has been done quite well.  It quite yummy and tasty.


Jal Jeera
The drink comes in these small 100-200ml bottles that can be stored in fridge.  But in terms of the drink, I did not feel that much of the punch, may be some amount of the tanginess was missing.  But yes, it still is a good drink to take it along with the dinner.
I need to also share update about 1 of the things in packing i.e., they give nice spoon put in a cover that has a tissue as well.  It speaks a lot about the neatness with which they operate.
Overall Experience
One of the really good food delivery chains that is there in Bangalore, which is here to stay and grow in popularity.  Hopefully I will get to try many more dishes from the chefs in future.  My current rating for this would be 4.0/5 and surely I feel that it has potential to be among the best.
My rating in other departments.
Food– 4.0/5
Drinks – 3.5/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR500-800.