Baba Da Dhaba – Casual North Indian Dining in Indiranagar


Baba Da Dhaba, one of the best casual dining restaurant serving North Food opens a new outlet in the busy Indiranagar area.  The new outlet is bigger and better than others across other parts of Bangalore.  A lot thought has gone in to setting up the interiors for this place which can attract both young and old.  Let me share my experience from my visit to the restaurant.


Folks familiar with ‘Baba Da Dhaba’ are aware of a blue & red colored robot wearing turban on the head.  This probably is the mascot for the restaurant and can be seen at all their outlets.

  • There are paintings of the robot and trucks across various places inside the restaurant.  I also noticed that the walls have not been painted completely and it looks rustic.   But somehow one can feel very relaxed sitting inside the outlet.
  • Something unique that I noticed, were the planks hung by the rope which looked like swings.  It looks unique and perfect for someone who is light weight, unfortunately I can’t take chance sitting on it.  But loved the concept which is probably fast picking up across multiple places in Bangalore.
  • Kitchen has a glass window across the dining section, guests sitting can see Chefs in action.IMG_20180801_195017
  • The lighting have been done quite different at this outlet which seems to look quite trendy.


The restaurant offers plenty of North Indian options and probably some of the best that one can find across the Bengaluru city.  Along with the start of the new outlet, they have also introduced couple of new dishes and I heard that in all there are 85 dishes.  There are plenty of Veg & Non-Veg options which helps when dining with a gang.  Some of the popular picks at this place include.


VegAssorted Veg Tikkis, Hara Bhara Kebab, Tandoori Brocolli, Paneer Tikka Multani, Aloo Wala Samosa, ‘P’ Se Pakoda, Kastoori Paneer Tikka

The starters go along very well with the mint & beetroot chutney.  My top picks among the ones I had were the Paneer Tikka Multani and ‘P’ Se Pakoda which seemed to be perfect for the rainy season.

Non-vegChicken Tikka, Malai Chicken Kebab, Mutton Sheekh Kebab, Dhaba Wala Kheema Samosa, Hariyali Chicken Kebab, Tandoori Chicken

My friends who accompanied me, relished every dish and felt overwhelmed by the taste & variety.  If one decides to eat only starters, there would be no room to eat main-course.

Main Course

RollsPaneer Kathi Roll, Chicken Kathi Roll, Mutton based & Prawn Roll

Chole Wale Bhature, Saagwala Paneer, Chapati, Veg Biryani


It sure was difficult to pick a favourite but I personally loved the Paneer Kathi Roll and Saagwala Paneer.


Phirni, Jamoon & Rabdi

One should not miss eating desserts at this place as they are best having some of the finest.  I loved the Phirni and Rabdi which had good amount of dry-fruit & saffron that enhanced the flavors.

Closing Thoughts

It was a great evening of dining at the new outlet of Baba Da Dhaba in Indiranagar.  The taste of the dishes was amazing, and a lot of effort has been made to get it all right.  The service staff were polite and shared info regarding the dishes when in doubt. 

If the brand can keep up the consistency, I am sure that they can come up with many more across outlet across the city.