Ramen Food Festival at High Ultra Lounge, Bengaluru


HIGH Ultra Lounge at Sheraton, Brigade Gateway has come up with Ramen Food Festival.  Guests can enjoy these popular Japanese Ramen Bowls while being mesmerized by the view of Bangalore from 32nd floor of WTC building.  As part of the Food Festival, Chef Rajinder Sareem and his team have come up with different variants of the Ramen noodle.  I was invited for a special tasting session and had a great time which I will be sharing.unnamed

About Ramen Noodle

Ramen is a Japanese dish that consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles.  Its topped with veggies (green onion), sliced egg, sliced pork, menma and dried seaweed.  The noodles are usually served in broth a meat or fish-based broth (occasional) flavoured with soy or miso.  For vegetarians, the broth would only garlic, onions, celery & carrots along with bay leaves, parsley & thyme.  The Ramen noodles are served in traditional Ramen bowl.  This popular dish in Japanese has multiple variants depending on the region – Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen of Kyushu, Miso Ramen of Hokkaido.

Ramen Variants

As part of the food festival at HIGH, Chef has brought in three different variants of the Ramen bowl – 2 Vegetarian and 1 Non-Vegetarian.  Each of the variants have different ingredients giving a unique taste and flavour.

  • Tofu, Veggies, Ramen noodles served with broth
  • Veg Tempura, Veggies, Ramen noodles served with broth
  • Sliced pork, Egg, Broccoli and Ramen noodles in a broth

Being a vegetarian, I devoured the first two bowls, which were vegetarian.  The noodles were extremely soft and very well cooked.  Broth was prepared well, and it tasted very good with the combination of noodles & veggies.  Japanese dishes have very less seasoning, allowing one to get the flavour of the individual ingredients.

The Non-Veg variants was presented very well as it was topped with sliced egg, sliced pork and veggies.  It was so tempting that I felt like taking a bite from the bowl.

Ideally one needs to have the Ramen noodles with chop-sticks, but the slippery noodles made me switch to fork & spoon.

Cocktail & Dessert

I have been HIGH Ultra Lounge couple of times and one of my favorite cocktail is the “Unfinished Business”.  It’s a whisky-based cocktail that served in the most fascinating manner.  The cocktail comes in closed box that’s filled with smoke.  The person serving the drink, places the box carefully in front of us, opens the box and takes out the drink.  Drink also has a huge ice-ball kept in the middle of the glass which look quite fancy.

To end the evening, Chef decided to serve us one of their best dessert, “Banoffee Pie”.  The only addition was that it was served with “Homemade Ice-cream”, crumbled cookies and cherry.  The combination of banana, cream, toffee & caramel tele-transported me to different world.  I relished the flavours so much that I did not want to talk to anyone around while eating.

Closing Thoughts

This food-festival is one of a kind, as we get to eat a traditional Japanese dish in Bangalore.  The presentation was just perfect and the taste of the Vegetarian bowls were amazing.  I personally feel that High Ultra Lounge is THE BEST place to hang-out in Bangalore.  Thanks for the wonderful hospitality by HIGH team – Ankita, Chef Rajinder Sareen (Executive Sous Chef) and Bablu Singh (Restaurant Mgr).

Details of Ramen Food Festival

Duration : 1st August, 2018 to 31st August, 2018
Lunch : 12.30pm to 3.30pm
Dinner : 6.30pm to 12.30am

Rooftop World Trade Center
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