Pot-O-Noodles | Japanese Cuisine | Indiranagar | Bangalore


Pot’O’Noodles at Indiranagar has come up a few months. They serve food that’s inspired by Japanese cuisine, closer to the Osaka region. Every dish that is part of the menu is filled with herbs, flavors and presented well. The place has plenty of options for Veg and NonVeg. Recently, I caught up with few friends and we tried selected dishes.IMG_20200312_215703


The place is perfect for casual dining with colorful interiors.

There are multiple paintings of Japanese ladies (in the cartoon) holding Japanese dishes.

Lighting inside the restaurant is pretty good and they have some nice designer light shades.


The best part about the restaurant is the food that’s not totally Japanese but there is in some amount of Indian touch to it. Among the variety of dishes, I tried a few of the dishes.


Tofu, Scallion and Bird’s eye chili Gyoza
A Japanese crescent-shaped dumpling filled with a minced stuffing of Tofu and steamed. The dish was served with an add-on that had Bird’s Chilli & Scallion. The combination of dumpling & add-on was just amazing.

Spinach and Golden Garlic
This was another variant of rolls that looked like small white cigars. The stuffing included spinach & garlic. It was served along with Chilli Mayo & Sweet Chilli Sauce. The taste of the dish was pretty good.


Shoyu ramen with tofu, shiitake & Bokchoi
The soup looks amazing when its served as one can see the Shitake Mushroom, Bokchoi & strands of Ramen noodles. Vegetables are steamed and get the flavors from the herbs added into the broth. It might look very heavy but the taste was good.


Vegetable korokke curry bowl
This is one of the dishes that remind me of Masterchef Australia. In this dish, they serve a bowl of rice along with a deep-fried cutlet.

The curry sauce containing button tomatoes is served from a mini-jug. It’s always nice to watch the serving staff pour the sauce all around the plain rice. The taste was quite amazing and I finish it completely in one shot.


Wasabi Icecream
A fitting end to the meal would be consuming a good dessert. The wasabi infused ice-cream was perfect as it had the flavors of Wasabi and was also soft & creamy. Its a definite dessert to be tried at Pot’O’Noodles.


Lemongrass & Lime Mojito
This was a pretty good drink to be had along with Japanese food as it was light and refreshing. The drink was topped with multiple pieces of Lemongrass that ensure the flavors came out well.

Final Thoughts

It was great to try out some of the dishes at Pot’o’Noodles. I loved the taste of every dish and none of the flavors were overpowering. The presentation of every dish was pretty good. This place is perfect for someone who loves to try Japanese food with an Indian touch.

More Information


202, Indiranagar Double Rd, Indira Nagar II Stage,
Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Phone – 080 43747204 / +917204636284

Food for 2 – INR 1000-1500