Mikusu – An Asian affair at Conrad Bengaluru


Mikusu is an exquisite fine dining restaurant at the newly opened Conrad Bangalore.  The restaurant serves exotic culinary blend of Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine.  Interiors of the restaurant look quite elegant and also eye-catchy.  The interiors of the restaurant can give anyone the soothing effect to make the dining experience special.  I was invited for tasting select dishes from the elaborate menu.  Let me share my experience via this article.

Mikusu – Setup Inside

Conrad Bengaluru is undoubtedly one of the best luxury properties in Bengaluru that has grand interiors.  At the entrance, one can find some amazing Chandeliers that look like pure work of art.  I will definitely want to meet the artists who make these wonderful artworks specific to every luxury property.

Mikasu restaurant entrance comes to the right side of the reception area and has some amazing lighting that highlight the name.  The design of interiors has been done well, spacing out the kitchen, live-counters and dining area.  They have also been been to carve out a space for live-music performance to entertain the audience.

There are plenty of seating options that allows that allows a small group of 4 and also a large group 20-30 to dine together.  Every seat was setup perfectly with all the required cutlery(s) and napkins in place.

Food Speaks

Executive Chef Praveen Shetty did a great job in curating a special tasting menu with the best dishes.

Tofu Carpaccio

A special dish that had Yuzu Soy, fukujizuke & hot oil.  There were thin slices of tofu and the soya along with herbed spices elevated the taste of the dish. 

Barbeque Mushroom Dim sum Aona Gomma Ae

The unique mushroom dim-sum was topped with barbecue sauce and topped &sesame seeds.  Dish was presented well and the taste was amazing, making it one of the best starter.

Rock Corn Tempura & Tofu Skewers

Another interestingly dish that came in three parts.  At one side was the soft cubes of Tofu topped with soya & other spices.  Next to it was the wafer rolled up like a wheel.  The other end of the plate had the Corn Tempura.  Chef has carefully identified the items in this plate allowing guest to relish the flavors and use the wafer to neutralize when needed.

Chefs Signature Assorted Sushi

There were three varieties of sushi(s) that came with different stuffing in the middle.  Presented on an edible stone, the entire dish looked amazing.  Taste was pretty good when taken along with the wasabi.

Mushroom Ramen

Special Ramen noodles from Japan that are soft and served with veg/non-veg based broth.  Mushroom was added in the veg broth that gave it a special taste.

If one loves the soft Ramen noodles, it’s a must try dish.

Vegetable Yaki Udon Yakimeshi

Garlic sticky fried rice with vegetables was the perfect dish to be served as the last item in the main-course.

Five Spiced Chocolate Mousse with Orange Compote

It’s always nice to end the meal with a good dessert.  It become more special when two desserts are put into one plate.  Chocolate Mousse at one end had an amazing taste and the spices in it enhanced the flavor of chocolate.  Orange compote, popular dessert that less sweet and usually served after a heavy meal was right on the money.  The combination worked wonder and the dessert left a lasting impression.

Apart from good food & dessert, there were some amazing Asian Cocktails curated by the bartenders.

Final Thoughts

One of the best Asian Restaurant, part of Conrad Hotel that opened to public couple of months back.  Easily, one of the best Luxury Hotel properties in the CBD area on Bengaluru.  Mikusu has plenty of options in the menu that will make it hard to pick the dishes for lunch/dinner.  Kudos to Chef for coming up with these amazing dishes and also ensuring that they are plated well.  The ambiance makes it perfect for hosting special business meal or dine with family.

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25/3, Kensington Rd, Someshwarpura, Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008


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