Star World hosts Feast for the Throne at Conrad Bengaluru


Game of Throne (GOT) craze has gripped the entire city of Bangalore and also across the country.  This might be the 8th and final season for the show, people have still got hooked onto to it. While there are many who are scrambling to watch the episodes from earlier seasons, there are other who are upto date and even predict the future.  Star World is has official rights to telecast the episode on every Tuesday in India.IMG_20190502_192932

The series is telecast on HBO in USA, in India Star World has taken the rights to telecast the same. To celebrate the same, Star World decided to host a special dinner at Conrad Bengaluru.

Special Setup by Star World

Conrad Hotel was the perfect location for hosting such a wonderful event.  Just outside the designated ball-room there was a special setup in the true GOT style.

Just as the guests were to enter, there were these special candle stands that gave a feeling that we were entering a special castle.

Johny Walker being one of the partners for the event, setup a beautiful counter.  They created few cocktails that were themed around the game of thrones like – White Walker Neat, White Walk High Balls & White Walker Old Fashioned.

The drink was amazing as the Johny Walker itself has a nice flavour to it.  One of the main ambassador for Johny Walker, Zac Abbot was there interacting and sharing his thoughts about GOT.

There is something special about the bottles that I wanted to highlight.  This season the special bottle, when chilled, shows a special message that says, ‘WINTER IS HERE’.

The setup inside the ball room was amazing as it was red and quite dark.  Every seat was well setup with the cutlery, candles and napkins.

About special dinner

A special 5 course meal was setup and every dish were inspired by one of the iconic scenes from the GOT Series.  Before serving every course of the meal, they played a video and Chef would explain the inspiration behind the same.

  • 1st course (Soup) was based on Rob Stark being killed and it was called Kings Bloody Soup.
  • 2nd course (Artichoke & Mushroom Filo) was based on the scene in which Daenerys walks onto the pyre that gives birth to dragons.
  • 3rd course (Lemon THyme Sorbet) showed the scene showing conversation between John Snow & Ygrit. te with cold words.
  • 4th course (Homemade Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli) shows Daenerys eating the Horse meat in front of the Dothrakhi people.
  • 5th course had the dessert (Golden Crown Baked Alaska) in which they showed the Viserys Targaryen being poured the melted gold as crown by Khal Drogo.

Special thanks to Chef Praveen Shetty and his team for doing an amazing job with every dish.

Fun Activities

There were fun activities planned before the next course of the meal was served.

Firstly, it started with the Q&A session in which couple of facts about the GOT were asked.  Some of them were every straight forward while many were bouncers.  But it was nice to see that there were many nerds in the room who knew everything about the famed series.

The next set of fun activities was to name the person who said specific sentence in the series.  Some of the lines told by Daenerys, Jon Snow, Tyrion seemed to be easy.  But there were a few tricky sentences told by Arya, Ramsay that confused many.

Finally, as we were approaching dessert course, it was an open forum.  There was discussion about ones own favourite character, who would become the king/queen, last person standing.  There were many speculations about the death of characters in the future episodes as well.

Even post the dinner, while we were all dispersing, everyone had GOT fever in them.  Many of us ended up grabbing few drinks while discussing on what was in store for future.  There were many heated arguments and defences but all of it was in fun.

Final Thoughts

A wonderful initiate by Star World to come up the novel idea to host a dinner for GOT.  It was also nice to see the way Chefs at Conrad picked up specific scenes and created inspired dishes.  The taste of every dish was amazing, and the presentation was in the true GOT style.  It was lovely to also interact with some of the ardent GOT fans who seemed to know everything.  Even though I am a big fan of GOT and I feel the need to watch it again to catch few missing facts.  Hoping that we have many more occasion to celebrate the success of GOT.

Event Partners

Presenting partner Nexa
Drink partner Johnny Walker
Experience Food Talk India
Hospitality Partner Conrad

More Information

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