Sodabottleopenwala – Best Parsi Food in Bengaluru City


Sodabottleopenwala, the best restaurant in the Bengaluru city serving Parsi Food.  The place has been perfectly setup for a casual dining experience with some amazing interiors.  Restaurant seems to apt for friends & family to hang-out while having great food & drinks.  Seating arrangement are quite cosy and just right for people to have quiet time with loved ones.

Interiors at the restaurant

Ambiance of the place quite amazing.  There are a few things that one can’t miss to notice at this place.  Like the scooter at the entrance, water dropping down an old kettle at one side of the wall, poster of people walking in public.  The flooring has nice designs that’s very much like the Parsi style that can be seen at home.  Lighting inside the restaurant is bright and colourful.  One can call this as a cafe or casual dining restaurant.

Something to eat

Food at this restaurant is amazing and the flavours are very much like the Parsi cuisine.  Recently when I visit the place, I had couple of dishes like – Khanda Bhajjiya, Vada Pav, Crispy Corn & Bhel and Aloo Aunty’s Vegetable Cutlet.  I enjoyed the taste of every dish and each of them had something unique.  So, it’s a little hard to pick a favourite.

Khanda Bhajiya – Thinly sliced onions tasted amazing as it was slightly crispy which made me enjoy it along with the green, garlic & tomato chutney.

Vada Pava – Potato/Aloo was well cooked, masala/spicy were added proportionality and combination of ingredients tasted very good.

Crispy Corn & Bhel – The dish had the combination of puffed rice, veggie and seva. It was served with tamarind chutney and tamarind water.  I was able to feel the spiciness, sweetness as well as tangyness.

Aunty’s vegetable cutlet had lot of veggies including beetroot which tasted amazing with the tamarind liquid.  The cutlet also has a special green coconut chutney that’s one of the secret recipes enhancing the flavour.

To drink

To celebrate the International Tequilla Day that went by on 24-July’18, they came up with special Tequilla based cocktail called – Khatta Mettu Tequila.  The drink has the mix of ingredients giving multiple flavours and an amazing after taste of Tequilla.  The cocktail has been done so well that its hard to make out if it contains alcohol.  This cocktail will be available only until 31st July 2018 and I highly recommend to everyone.

I also tried another cocktail during my visit which was called the Rustam Bantawala.  The cocktail is served in the age-old soda-bottle that comes with a marble on top.   These bottles used to very popular in the past as the local tea-shops would serve sweet-soda or plain soda in it.  One had to push the marble inside to be able to open upon the bottle for consuming the drink.  The cocktail served in the soda-bottle contained vodka, frozen raspberry and thyme.

About Sodabottleopenwala

The restaurant’s part of the bigger group called Olive Bar and Kitchen that has many other restaurants.  To name a few – Olive Bistro, The Local, The Fatty Bao, Ek Bar, Olive Bar & Kitchen, Guppy, Monkey Bar, Olive Beach and Sodabottleopenwala.

Sodebottleopenwala, also called as Bombay Irani Café & Bar has its branches across other cities including Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Mumbai.  If you are a food lover, then I would specially recommend visiting the restaurant and sharing your experience.

Final thoughts

A great place to dine in with friends & family for having some carefully curated food from Parsi cuisine.  I specially recommend trying the dishes mentioned above and check with the restaurant manager for more options.  The cocktails at this restaurant are also amazing and I specially recommend trying the ones mentioned above.


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