Kayastha Delights Food Festival at ITC WelcomHotel Bengaluru


Kayastha Delights Food Festival at Jacaranda Restaurant in WelcomHotel Bengaluru – Member ITCHotel Group, Bengaluru.  The restaurant has been giving opportunity for guest Chefs to come and cook in their restaurant and serve to the guests. This is probably one of the most innovative approach followed by a restaurant in the Five Star Property.  Most of the times we have seen the Chefs part of the same hotel-group being invited, but this approach’s is unique.

Kayatha Food Festival

The dishes were specially curated by Chef Sugandha Saxena who has tried to bring back the ancestral recipes back to life. She has been a person in love with cooking from a very young age of 7. Sugandha has acquired her culinary skills at Switzerland. This is her initiate to let people relish the forgotten flavours of Kayastha Cuisine thats greatly inspired by Mughalai Cuisine. But there are many elements to it that make it different in taste, flavour, texture and presentation.

The Thali(s)

There were multiple dishes served in the form of Thali both for Veg/Non-Veg separately. Most of appetizers and desserts were common but there was alot of variety in the main course.

Veg Thali

Phale (stuffed Ural dal), Sakhe (Like mattri)

Main course
Dal sultani, Achaar paneer (Up style), Arbi ka salan

Saffron Sabudana Halwa, Sawaiya kheer

I tasted all the dishes part of Veg Thali and was amazed by the flavour. The food was quite heavy as it was made with ‘Desi Ghee’.

Among the dishes my top favourite was the ‘Achaar Paneer’ that had unique spices specially from the Kayastha Cuisine.  Another dish I loved was the Dal Sultani that tasted different compared to the normal Dal Fry/Tadka/Makhani that we are used to.  If I were to pick a favourite in the dessert section it would be ‘Sawaiya Kheer’.

Non-Veg Thali

Phale (stuffed Ural dal), Sakhe (Like mattri), Kache keema ka kebab, Murgi gulaabi, Anda ke pakora

Main course
Dal sultani, Achaar paneer (Up style), Arbi ka salan, Keema Mattar

Saffron sabudana Halwa, Sawaiya kheer

Though I could not taste the dishes part of the Non-Veg Thali, but I could make out that it was amazing.

Overall Experience

It was wonderful interacting with Chef and knowing alot about her culinary journey. Thanks to her for letting us into the world if Kayastha Cuisine. Special thanks to Chef Dhawal Ajmera for inviting for special tasting. Kudos to the constant effort by Chef to let us experience relatively unexplored cuisines.  Looking forward to tasting being part of many more food festivals at ITCWelcome Hotel going forward.

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