Executive Lunch at Bangalore Brew Works


An amazing brewpub pub located on the busy Residency Road.  For old timers, this place earlier had the ZERO-G pub that also had a discotheque and rain-dance.  With changing time, the name and the interiors of the place have also changed.  I must say that the new look looks a lot of fun compared to what used to be.  The pub is much bigger and has multiple spots giving different views of the city from 10th floor.  Infact, for city dwellers used to traffic, one can also get a glimpse of the busy traffic.

Bangalore Brew Works Ambiance

The interiors of the brewpub have been well designed well but made it look casual & comforting.  The entire terrace area of the building houses the brewpub that can accommodate nearly 350 guests.

Brewpub has been sectioned out well and can be effectively used for hosting multiple private parties.

Highlight of the pub is the swimming section that’s perfect for hosting a private party by the pool.  There is also a private bar that cater to partying guests.


There are plenty of beer variants available for guests to relish that include – Indian Pale Ale, Belgian Wit, German Pilsner, Dry Stout, Czech Lager & Seasonal Green Chilli Lager.  I would advise sampling all the beer before picking your favourite.

Personally, I loved the Belgian Wit as its pretty smooth and had a good after taste.  Apart from that I also liked the Stout that gave a hint of coffee/expresso taste.

The Seasonal Chilli beer has spicy after-taste, it’s better to try the sampler before taking a full-glass.


There are plenty of food options for guests to nibble while having the beer.  Executive Chef Mariappan mentioned that the dishes have been paired with beer before including into the menu.

The elaborate menu can confuse anyone, especially when someone goes to the brewpub to have a quick lunch.  A special executive meal has been introduced which has a selection of items identified to be part of Starters, Main-course and Desserts.  Guests can choose to have a 2-course or 3-course for price of around INR 499 or INR 599.  One can also add INR 100 get a glass of crafted beers.


I tried the following dishes among the starters – Mushroom jalapeno poppers, Subzi bahar & Wood roasted vegetables pizza.

Among these I particularly loved the Subzi Bahar that was served on a mini-grill and it was smoking. Subzi Bahar had some of the veggies like Broccoli, Cauliflower and Potato with spices add on them.  This dish goes along very well with a light beer like Belgian Wit.

Loved the Pizza, as it was fully loaded with veggies and had good amount of cheese.  Ideally one can have a Stout Beer along with this dish.

Main Course

I choose to try couple of dishes from the main-course section part of executive lunch – Mediterranean pot pie and Risotto Milanese.

The Risotto tasted a little different compared to the usual as it had Saffron added into it.  I would have wanted it to be a little bit cheesier, but it still tasted good.

Mediterranean Pot pie was interesting as it came with cheese, veggies in a biscuit cup and served with salad.  Goat cheese in the salad tasted amazing had the right amount of seasoning. It would have been a nicer if the biscuit was little softer.


Among the desserts I tried the Pineapple upside down cheese cake and Orange chocolate mousse cake.  Presentation of both the desserts was just amazing and flavours were good.

I loved the Pineapple upside down cheese cake as it had the flavours coming from Cheese cake as well as the Sourness & Sweetness coming from Pineapple.  I will want to visit BBW to taste this dessert again.

Overall Experience

It was a great fun trying some of the dishes part of the executive lunch at BBW.  There were plenty of options to try but I just wanted to savour a few of them as I was also in a hurry.  I enjoyed the flavour of some of the beer and they paired well with the food.  For those who love to have executive lunch, its on until this month end i.e., 31-Dec’18.  I am sure next year they will either continue or come up with more interesting offers.

Apart from good food & drinks, I will go back to a glimpse of the city during the night.

More Information

10th Level Prestige Towers, 99/100,
Residency Road, Bangalore