Sterling Wayanad – Best Hill Station Resort close to Bengaluru


Sterling Wayanad, beautiful property is one of the Hill Stations Resort that has been setup right across the National Reserve Forest.  One can see the electric fence and trenches that are used to keep the tuskers & wild animals from crossing over.  Its probably one of the best properties situated close to the nature and wildlife.  Let me share my experience of visiting the property as you read along.

The Drive

Located nearly 250kms away from Bengaluru (IT Capital), one can reach the resort by road in 6-7 hours.  The journey takes one across Ramagara, Channapatna, Madduru, Mandya, Srirangapatna, Mysore, Gundlupete before the Bandipur Tiger Reserve National Park.  Soon after cross the forest region, we cross the Karnataka – Kerala border and the Sterling Resort’s 15-20 mts drive away.  The famous place, Sultan Bathery is just around 8-10kms away from the resort.

One of the major highlights during the drive was the flower show put up by nature across many places.  Flowers were spread out like blankets across many of the regions which gave a wonderful sight to eyes.

Across Bandipur Forest

We drive across the thick Bandipur forest for nearly 45mts to an hour.  It’s a thick forest which can scare anyone as wild animals can be spotted at any time.  The biggest risk would be spot a herd of Elephants, which can attack at the slightest provocation.  One need to drive quickly and steadily across the single lane road.  It hard to also overtake any vehicle in the front as there are many blind spots and it’s hard to anticipate the vehicle coming from opposite direction.  Vehicular movement is restructured in the evening post 7pm as its very dark.

The check post between Karnataka & Kerala have these local tea-stalls where one gets a taste of the local Kerala tea along with local cake.

Final Stretch

The last leg of the journey is quite amazing as one would be in the home stretch.  While drive along, one can notice the thick forest being separated by a trench and fenced by electric cables.  As we drive along further ahead, we are stopped and noticed that Sterling Resort being right opposite to the Forest Area.

The First Look

A grand entrance that allows one to get a complete view of the resort.  One can see the main building, cottages, water-body, children play area, restaurant section, parking lot and many more.  An artificial fountain has been created at the entrance which looks beautiful.

Reception Area

This area has plenty of paintings, artworks and sofas which creates great impression for anyone coming inside the resort.  The lighting arrangement have been done very well and it looks trendy.


There are different types of cottages in the resort which have been themed around different tree like Banyan, Neem, Eucalyptus, Rose wood, Coffee and more in the area.  Every room belonging to a type, have the interiors themed based on the leaves of the trees.   This applies to the doors, walls, frames and paintings.  Every room has been carefully and intricately designed to showcase the brilliance.

There are single room queen-bed/double bed/two-single-bed and large king bed options in the cottages.  They also have 1BHK houses for large families and can accommodate 4 adults in it.  Every room have the basic enmities like TV, Mini-bar, Coffee Maker and others.

Some of the room have view of the water-body inside the resort and some have the view of the forest.  Every cottage has different view that’s unique.


There is no mobile network in the resort or even 1-2 kms around the resort.  But the entire resort has wifi-enabled, which allows us to stay connect to the world.


There’s a huge multi-cuisine restaurant serving food from Kerala, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Continental and many more cuisines.  Executive Chef Satish leads the team of chefs to curate some of the amazing dishes for breakfast, dinner.

If a large group of guests visit the resort, the Kerala Sadhya meal is prepared to experience the Kerala cuisine.

For breakfast, there are plenty of options like – Puttu, Dosa, Idlys, Appam, Chola Batura, Poori, Paratha, Sambar, Chutney, Kadala curry and more.  Continent items like Corn flakes, milk, toasts are also available for guests to devour.

There is a provision at one of the sections where BBQ Dinner can also be served.  Its also a place where Chefs can serve some street food for the Hi-Tea.  When traveling with a big group, Chef team can make a special BBQ Dinner with good variety of veg & non-veg dishes.

The main building of resort has a special room set-aside for serving the Hi-Tea.  This includes Cold Coffee, Cold Chocolate Milk, Variety of Chocolates, Pastries, Puff, Cookies and hot Coffee & Tea options.

Pool Section

This section is present closer to the main restaurant in the resort.  There’s a beautiful swimming pool that has red-tiles and clear water.  Guests can get a full view of the resort as its situated slightly above all other places.

Special bar-counter that’s been setup for guests to enjoy a drink while swimming or lazing by the pool-side.  The bar license applied, currently in the approval stage.  One they receive approval; the bar will become operational.

A special spa has also been setup with couple of room for guests who want to rejuvenate and feel relaxed by getting some oil massage done.

Recreations Activities

There are multiple activities setup inside the resort to keep the guests engaged.

Zipline – This is one of my favourite activity in the resort that allows guests to travel on a zipline across the resort.  The zipline can be used by anyone as it can withstand load upto 1 ton.

Pint Ball Target – We know of the strategy game played across many of the resorts in Bangalore, but this one is different.  Guests only need to aim at the target and shoot.  But its always fun to compared how one fairs well compared to competition.

Archery – For all those fans of bow & arrow, there is provision to out archery.

Pottery – A special setup with the cartwheel has been made that allows one to out Pottery.  Imagine putting the wet clay on the wheel, rotating the wheel while trying to get a shape.  This special skill looks very easy on TV but in reality, very difficult as it requires a lot skill.  But as part of the activities in the resort, one can enjoy the same for a while.

Indoor Games – Some of the common games like Pool, Carroms, Foosball, Air Hockey, Mini-Table Tennis, Chess are present in this area. A separate play area for kids is also present for toddlers and babies to play while parents relax.

Sparrow Nest – Sterling has come up with a new initiative to save Sparrows that were commonly seen in the past.  As part of the initiative one can buy the parts to build a sparrow nest.  The nest can be filled with grained and hanged outside our home, which can in turn attract sparrows that feed on the grains.

All the recreational activities mentioned above are not included in the room-prices.  These come at a very nominal price for the guests.

Raja-rex – Paintings of Raja-rex, the new mascot of Sterling Holidays can be seen on the wall.  The paintings are cartoon depiction of the sweet dinosaur and its various theatrics.  There are various souvenirs with pictures of Raja-rex available that guests can buy.

Promoting Local Artists

A separate room has been setup in the resort for selling some of the nature/wildlife paintings done by local artists.  The profits earned is shared between the artist and the resort.

Wild Tusker Spotting

I would to share an incident that happened during my visit to the Sterling Wayanad.  A surprise was waiting just outside the Sterling Wayanag property.  There was a Wild Tusker that had come to the forest edges and was feeding.

The locals mentioned that the elephant comes multiple times is one of the pets and has been named as Mani.  It was one of the best spotting of wild animal I have ever had.  The elephant looked large & strong, tooth looked fierce, yet it looked majestic.  If one is lucky, the elephant can be spotted outside the resort premises.

Activities Outside Resort

The resort has plenty of activities that can keep the tourists engaged.  But the Sterling offers many more activities for people who are keen to know more about the culture.  This initiative is part of the Sterling’s new “Holiday Experience” concept.  Some of the activities part of the experience around Wayanad include.

Visiting Tribal CommunitiesPaniyas, Adiyas, Kattunayakans, Kurichiyans urumas, etc.

Bird Watching – One can go for a walk to observe some of the most exotic migratory birds which are impossible to find near city.

Night Safari at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kuruva Island – Only island in Kerala surrounded with naturally purified water source in Kerala.

Edakkal Caves – ‘Stone in between’, naturally formed cave at Edakkal.

Sita Temple – Temple pond is one of largest in Wayanad.

Jain Temple – Place where weapon was hidden when British attached the Kingdom.

Assumption Forane Church

These activities are not included as part of the room-booking but can always be availed by making request at front-desk.

Overall Experience

This has been one of the pleasant staying experience at Sterling Resorts at Wayanad.  The property has plenty of activities to keep the guest engagement.  I loved the importance given to the minutest details in setting up the rooms.  Guests can walk across the resort or avail the buggy ride that useful when it rains.  There are plenty of food options for guests at the restaurant that can satisfy any craving.

Apart from all the features in the resort, there are many more activities identified by Sterling that will interests the guests.  If you want to experience living luxuriously while being close to nature & wildlife, Sterling Wayanad should be the topmost choice.  I am looking to visiting the property many more times in future.

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