Best Timeshare Vacation for Travelers by Sterling Holidays


Sterling Holiday has been around for more than 3 decades and are one of the revered brands.  The brand was one of the pioneers to introduce the ‘Time Share’ model in the travel. A unique value proposition that allows travels to take a long-term membership for 25 years with Sterling.  In return the person can take a 7-days holiday every year across any Sterling property.  This model worked very well from its inception and many travellers found this very lucrative.  But over the years, the popularity has slightly reduced, and Sterling is trying to revive it.

Bouncing Back

To reignite the desire to associate with a brand for long-term, one need to revamp the existing setup.   Sterling started taking started 3-5 year by identifying properties and refurbishing.

Next the brand started looking at the locations where one would love to holiday.  They came with new properties at Wayanad, Corbet, Dindi and other places.

A new theme of ‘Holidaying Differently’ was introduced.  This allows a traveller to explore the local heritage, lifestyle, habitat & cuisines.  The interiors of resorts have also been redone by using the local artisans at some of the properties.

Additional fun activities have been introduced in every property to entertain the complete family.

There are special events organized in different resorts and published.  Travelers can plan a visit to the corresponding properties to engage in the activity.

Why Go for Time-Share Model?

I have mentioned about the latest changes in the Sterling Holidays.  But its also important to understand the reason why ‘Time Share’ model is useful for traveller.

Inflation Proof

The price of property does not stay intact over 25 years and it only increases due to inflation. But a Sterling membership will not have to pay anything extra as the room-rentals are covered.

In a vacation-ownership, each room is “timeshared” between 52 customers. Each given a week of stay every year. The customers pay towards the cost of constructing the inventory. Thats why its as vacation ownership.

Since the customer – in effect – owns a room in the resort for 1 week, he can use the same over a long period of time without worrying about increasing room-night costs.

Resort Condominiums International (RCI)

Sterling Holidays is associated with RSI, world’s largest holiday exchange network.  RCI provides 3 distinct advantages to the vacation ownership member – Choice, Standardization and Rating.

Choice – With over 4.500 resorts in more than 120 countries around the world, RCI provides innumerable choices to members to holiday anywhere around the world.  Members get to enjoy international holidays at Indian prices.

Standardization – RCI affiliates individual resorts after duly inspecting them to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Rating – All RCI affiliated resorts are rated by RCI guests who stay at the resort. The rating can be – Hospitality, Silver Crown or Gold Crown.  Criteria used include Housekeeping, Unit Maintenance, Hospitality, check-in/check-out, resort facilities, amenities and service.

Spark Joy

We all might love to get away from mundane life but some of the times we are looking for a reason.  There are few thoughts shared by Sterling team that I agree upon.

  • Being a parent, everyone feels like taking their children to best places for holiday.
  • Travel is the best way to widen one’s perspective and discover new things – new cultures, new cuisines, new people.
  • We all love to have unique experiences that can be cherished for long time.
  • There are times when we experience holiday and want our friends & family to experience.  It would if we can gift anyone a special holiday that they will remember for lifetime.

Sterling resorts are setup across different destinations – mountain, beach, river-side, jungle, heritage, pilgrimage.  Each of them lets one have different experiences around food, culture, wildlife, natures, adventure.

Mixed-Use Model

Sterling has a unique mixed-use model, 50% – dedicated to Sterling members and 50% – for non-members.
The resorts maintain the best quality to attract non-members and existing members. Each of the resort is well staffed and maintain good service levels.

Sterling resorts are across many undiscovered destinations that allows members to holiday at unique places.  This suits the mixed-use model as the members will have choice to holiday destinations.  Few of the new holiday destinations added are Dindi, Kufri, Karwar, Anaikatti.

Pride of Ownership

Sterling has shared the info that till now nearly 85,000 families have enjoyed holiday via the scheme over 3 decades.  It became more of status symbol for many people that allows people to brag about it.  Also, during the vacation, one can meet many like-minded individuals and build long terms friendships.

Another aspect of holiday that Sterling talks about is about the relationship with staff.  Repeatedly visiting the resort, lets one get a good repo with the staff.  The comfort level lets one get a better service.

My Thoughts of Sterling Membership

I  have been personally following journey of transformation at Sterling Holiday.   The first hint shared during a conference that happened in Bangalore a year back.

Then I recently visited the Sterling Wayanad and Ooty property.  Personally, I experience the changes in the staff attitude and commitment to serving the customers.

Some of the activities in and around the property truly experience a different kind of holiday.

I have known about changes in all the 33 Sterling Properties.  There are many new properties in places like Dindi, Corbet that are not the contemporary travel destination.  But they offer something unique related to local culture that I would like to explore.

With the points I mentioned above, taking a Sterling Membership seems like a value for money.  I am looking forward to taking the membership and holiday at Sterling properties in future.


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