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Coffee is one of the most refreshing drinks that make us feel energetic and enthusiastic at the same time.  I am not sure if it is due some kind of adrenaline rush due to infusion of Caffeine into the blood, but surely it make us feel better.  We consume the hot coffee early in the morning to let go of the drowsiness while being on bad and also at workplace after a heavy lunch.  There are people who consume it after dinner, some who say that it helps beat the chill during winter and some who say they take it in morning to be able to sit in the hot seat.  Whatever be the reason, we all love coffee.


Coffee Drinker
Every coffee drinker is different, in terms of their requirements for taste and flavor.  There are some people who prefer strong coffee, some light coffee, some with the chocolate flavor, some with/without milk, some like filter coffee, some like the instant variety or may some who just like the cold-variant of the coffee.  The strength of the coffee comes from the beans used.  And we all know that some of the famous coffee beans come from Columbia, Cuba, Indonesia and of course our own country India.  We usually get the International flavors only at select 5-Star Hotel.  These are sometimes called as Gourmet coffee.


Blending Coffee
How about idea of blending Indian coffee with International coffee to create a new blend?  This is exactly the thought in the mind of ITC Foods, who recently unveiled Sunbean Gourmet Coffee in Bangalore.  They created exquisite blends of the choicest Indian & International bean varietals.  To be able to come up with the varieties, they searched all across the world and selected some of the finest beans which were then expertly blended by ITC’s master-blenders.  The result was creation of 2 delightful blends.




Nicamalai – a fruity-sweet aromatic blend of carefully selected beans from Nicaragua & Anamalai hills.



Panagiri – a fragrant coffee with strong aroma, blended with mildly sweet Panamanian beans & intensely sweet flavored Arabicas from Baba Budangiri hillsBaba Budangiri is popularly considered to be the birthplace of coffee in India where Baba Budan, a legendary holy saint planted the first coffee seeds that he had brought from Yemen.



ITC has created these by synergizing its key strengths – superior agri-sourcing (ITC has over 25 yrs of experience in global coffee trading), culinary expertise of ITC Hotels, Baritas & Master-Chefs.


Event Details

An introduction of new blends was done at a wonderful session at ITC Gardenia.  As part of the event they called many Bloggers and Digital Media Influencers.  Also in the event were a Brew-master and someone who does art with coffee.
The initial session was taken up the Mr. Abhijit Chakravorty – Category Manager – New Categories at ITC Limited who shared the complete history and reason for coming out with the flavors.






The 2nd was a session was with Vikram Khurana – 15yrs in Expresso Industry – won silver in World Barista Championship in 2002 and made it to top 6 in 2003, gave specific insights into coffee making.  He discussed about various nuances like – adding the right proportion of the power, when to start and stop collecting coffee from machine, how to get the layering of coffee and milk.  Apart from that he also shared info on how addition of flavors like Cinnamon can change the flavor of coffee.









The 3rd session was taken by Priyanka – Coffee Artist, who specializes in making all kind of art work with coffee decoction.  All of the painting had various shades of brown creating a nice art-work.  Each and every painting looked exquisite.




Apart from the sessions related to coffee, there were some wonderful finger-food/snacks and coffee itself for each of us to savor.


These coffees are now available at the ITC Hotel.  I am sure that people are going to start loving it and refer many more of the friends to take it.  And I think this is just the start of the new journey into the world of coffee and we are going to see many more blends coming from ITC. 
But the costlier item in the mix is the coffee-machine which costs anywhere between INR1.8L – 4.5L.


Overall Experience
It was a great experience coming to know about the various coffee flavors, history and the idea of blended coffee.  I personally enjoyed both the flavors but preferred ‘Nicamalai’ coz it was a little bit more strong.  The sessions by 2 guests sharing info on the art of coffee making and coffee-art were also wonderful.  I am looking forward to many more blends being introduced and tasting them going forward.
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