Drop Kaffe – Bellandur, Bangalore

DropKaffe ( is one of the new coffee chains that has come up in Bangalore that is fast grabbing attention of many people.  And with the recent article in TOI with the folks who started this, it has become all the more popular.  I am glad to be one of the first to have tried from their outlet in Koramangala.  Was also there when they newly launched a brewery in Indranagar.  Now, they have opened up in Bellandur and Maratahalli. 
I surely expect a quality from them in terms of coffee or the food offering that they have.  The Belladur outlet did not disappoint me one bit.
This was on a lazy Saturday morning when I got up late and wanted to get a hot coffee at my door steps along with few items to much as part of breakfast.  I think opened the website to look through and order.  I thought this time I will review this place  abit differently coz there is no dine-in or first look.
Menu Options
The menu is pretty simple, 1 page which does not have too many fancy items but yes the right ones that are good to order anytime.  Some of the items include –
  •     Hot Coffee
  •     Cold Coffee
  •     Subs
  •     Burgers
  •     Cookies
  •     Muffin

This is pretty much the list.  But I can bet that the quality of each and every item is really good.


This is very critical coz if there is a person on the other side taking order and is not able to understand what you say, it will be difficult to build a conversation.  Instead, you can go online to the site and order fod which is the best thing to do.  You can then select the items you want, pay directly and then just sit back for the order to be delivered.
The deliver was done in very quick time of 30mts.  It is pretty good coz they have a system that they food. 
  •        Hot coffee is usually brought in a flask to maintain the heat
  •        Cups and covering for the cup is also brought separately
  •        Sandwiches and sub are brought in nice cardboard boxes
  •        Muffins and cookies in small ziplock covers

Deliver guy was pretty good to converse and was clean in transferring contents.
There might be factors apart from food that are important but then the food & drinks that are delivered are very critical and makes the place liked by people.  Let share my thoughts.
Café Peppermint Mocha
A perfect blend of a shot of strong espresso, hot milk, with added cocoa powder and chocolate syrup; made divine with the touch of peppermint. For all the chocolate and caffeine addicts, this is a perfect brew!


I have taken the description right from their menu.  And for sure it is exactly the is described.  The coffee and the chocolate effect was very much coming.  The cup was pretty good in which coffee was served. There was a special messaging on it as well that I liked, it read –
‘but first, Coffee1’


Bajra Cookies
An amazingly delicious healthy cookie made from Bajra. Try it with your coffee today!


This was one of the best cookies I have had in a long time for sure.  It tasted quite yummy.  The packaging was quite good.  I actually savored it in 2 different times of day.  The taste is amazing.  Wonder where the cookies are made.


Almond Muffin
A sweet accompaniment with your coffee. Delicious almond muffin with almond flakes on top.


Another awesome item that can be taken for breakfast, evening snack.  The muffin had good amount of nuts and I really enjoyed the flavor it.  Again the person baking it has done great job in putting the right ingredients together.


Exotic Veg Burger
A DropKaffe special veg burger. A crispy yet juicy veg patty clubbed with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, olives, mayonnaise and a slice of cheese in a bun served with a side of crispy potato chips and ketchup.


This was again a pretty well done burger.  I know there are place which make burger for the sake of it by keeping a patty and some lettuce with cream, but @DropKaffee, they seem to spent time in putting the right ingredients into the burger.  It was quite moist and not water or extra creamy.  It is so much better than the burgers that we get at the common burger-joints.
My rating for this place would be a 4.0/5 and hoping that I order many more times. 
Rating in various departments would be –
Food – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
Delivery – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR200-400 and for sure people can expect the best quality.
Overall I was a happy and satisfied customer after consuming all of the food items that I ordered.  I never felt like wasting even a bit of it coz it tasted so good.  The only thing I think that can be improved includes –
  • Do delivery atleast until 8/9pm coz there might be craving to good coffee when at work.  If we can get coffee from here, it would be refreshing.
  • Have some kind of loyalty program for frequent drinkers to get more attention of the people
  • Possibility to put 1-2 of your ingredient to make a coffee of your own choice