Online Food Delivery – BOX8, Bellandur


BOX8 is one of the largest and leading Online Food Delivery chain in Bangalore.  In matter of 2-3 years they have established their kitchens across 19 locations in Bangalore.  The taste of the food across their kitchens have been quite consistent.  I have tried their food from HSR and Sahakarnagar outlets and found the taste to be consistent.  Recently, I tried some dishes from the Bellandur outlet and let me share my experience.IMG_20170629_224155

The most important activity in Online Food Delivery is the packaging as it preserves the taste & flavours in the food.  This also applies for all the restaurants doing home-delivery but for a chain focussing on Online Food Delivery, it is critical.  The first impression the customer gets about the food is from the packaging.  BOX8 packaging is quite good.

They have strong plastic boxes in which the food is delivered.  There are various sizes depending on the items that are sent.  In case of combo meals, they have a box that have various partitions for keeping various dishes.  There is a sticker on top of the boxes that tells about the item that is present inside the box.

Every box has something written about the food that is present in the box, like– WHOLE WHEAT GOODNESS, 108% Oven Baked, ANYTIME ANYWHERE MEAL, LONG BASMATI RICE, MINT CHUTNEY, FULL ON MEAL FOR FULL HUNGER, Finest Indulgence, DESI MEALS DONE BETTER and TRUE INDULGENCE outside desert boxes.  This gives the customer fair idea about the food item that is inside.

I mentioned earlier that packaging is important but then it would be of no use, unless the food inside it tastes good and flavours are intact.  I think the BOX8 team, has done great research in coming up with the ideal preparation for each of the dishes and also understand the duration it can stay fresh.  The food I consumed was good.

Mayo Tikki Wrap – This was one of the best whole wheat wrap that I have eaten in a while.  The wrap had whole wheat paratha as it was mentioned outside the box, lots of veggies and mayo.  This is one of the best food that isn’t too heavy on stomach.

Paneer Makhni Meal (All in 1) – A complete meal that contained Paneer Makhni, Dal Makhni, Paratha, Basmati Rice and Gulab JamunPaneer gravy was quite tasty and I felt like taking the paratha without the paneer. Paneer was a little hard and could have been softer.  Dal Makhni was quite tasty and it seems to have been cooked quite well.  Parathas were soft and I could feel the wheat in them.  Gulab Jamun was a little on the sweeter side.  Salads were also served along with the combo which had freshly cut vegetables.

Shahi Paneer Biryani – It came in a nice box that had caramelized onion on top.  There were plenty of paneer and veggies in them.   The only problem I felt was that there were lumps of spices at different places.  It is necessary to mix up the entire Biryani before consuming.  On mixing, I felt that the taste of biryani was really good.

Choco Lava Cake – This is one of the popular deserts in the town.  The idea of letting chocolate sauce ooze out from the brownie is quite awesome.  And the combination tastes very good.

Masala Lemonade – A very refreshing drink that has the lemon juice with masala.  This drink is quite refreshing and consistent every time its ordered.

Overall Experience
It was a great experience, to try food from another BOX8 outlet in Bangalore.  I am glad that they seem to have consistent flavours across the outlets.  This Online Food Delivery chain will end up becoming one of the most preferred places to order food and they will leave the rest of competition behind.  Infact, the other restaurants who do Online Food Delivery, will also need to think if it is necessary to continue delivering food.  I know that it’s a farfetched thought but its possible. I am only hoping that they keep the consistency intact.  I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.25/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
Food for 2 ordered from BOX8 will cost anywhere between INR 400-600.