BOX8 – Food Delivery at Kamanahalli


BOX8 is one of the chains that focuses on delivering food home/office.  It started couple of years back and now, established themselves firmly in Bangalore.  They also have operations in other cities like Mumbai & Pune.  I remember tasting their food from the kitchen @ HSR nearly 15 months back and since then they have opened up nearly 19 more kitchens.  It has been possible because of the consistent taste of the food and people looking to order repeatedly.

We have always known the restaurant delivering food prepared in their kitchens.  Now, there is BOX8 has only Kitchens across the city and does not need to worry about front-office, manager at front desk, waiters and cleaning staff.  It is quite simple to open a kitchen, identify a set of items that people love to eat, prepare it and deliver at doorsteps within specific time.

All that I mentioned above seems easy but then there are many that could not sustain the business model.  But BOX8 has stood the test of time as they seem to have a great team behind them.  They have identified the most commonly ordered items for home delivery, created various combos, added deserts and also some natural ice-creams.  If they can keep the consistently they can open up many more kitchens in Bangalore.  And apart from Mumbai & Pune, open at other places as well.

The most important factor about the delivery is the freshness of the food, taste and packaging.  Let me share specific details regarding the same.  Recently, I tasted food from the Kamanhalli outlet.

Palak Paneer Meal (All in 1) – A combo that is complete in itself and can serve 1 person for lunch/dinner.  It contains 2 Parathas, Palak Paneer, Daal Makhani, Salads and Jamoon for deserts.  All of these are served in one box that has various segregations for keeping items.  The taste of the Palak and Daal were good, Paneer was also quite soft.  I only felt that the paratha could have been a little bit softer in the edges. 

Chef Paneer Special Wrap – One of the best wrap I have had in a long time.  It had baby corn, mushroom, onion, capsicum & cream.  It was wrapped in whole wheat which tasted quite good with the other ingredients.  I started eating it and did not stop until I finished.

Firangi Subz Biryani – The name is quite unique and so is the taste. It is not the contemporary Biryani as it doesn’t have that much spice & traditional flavours.  The main ingredients creating the variations in the flavours are Mushroom, Paneer and Babycorn.  The spice level is quite less and so many people can enjoy the complete briyani.

Choco Lava Cake (Deserts) – One of my favourite deserts which tasted quite good.  The best moment is when I cut the cake and the chocolate + cream oozed out.  The chocolate just melts in the mouth.

Cookies & Cream (Natural Ice-cream) – Natural Ice-cream flavours are some of the options available for deserts.  Ideally one can order the 500g portion which can serve the entire family.  Loved this flavour specifically as it contained Vanilla Ice-cream and Oreo Cookies.  It was boxed quite well and wasn’t as hard like some of the traditional family pack ice-creams.  I would surely recommend taking this if you are looking to order deserts.

Drinks (Ice-tea & Lemonade) – The drink were pretty fine but surely not upto the mark.  I could not feel much of the Tea or Lemon flavours in respective drinks – Ice Team & Lemondade.

A special mention on the packaging needs to be done.  There is a nice card-board box wrapped around the plastic boxes.  Boxes were quite tough but thought the silver wrapping could have been better with 2 layers of wrapping.

Overall Experience
This surely is one of the best delivery chains in Bangalore.  It has established itself quite well and perfected the art of making the dishes & delivering consistent flavours.  The packaging is pretty good and the delivery also is quite efficient.  They also keep the customer updated by sending SMS after food is ready and the expected time of delivery.  I rate my current experience with the food delivered from Kamanahalli Kitchen at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.

Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 3.75/5
Drinks – 3.5/5

Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR 500-800 for a sumptuous meal.