BOX8 – Variety Food Delivered Home – HSR Layout, Bangalore

There has been a steady rise in the number of people having food outside.  The simple reason for that being the life has been so fast paced and we want to grab something outside.  If not, the other alternative would be get the food delivered to home.  Traditionally the restaurants like Empire, Nandini would have those bikes on which food would be delivered to multiple places.
I think that approach slowly going away coz there are dedicated delivery chain like BOX8.  This for sure is one of the very viable options for people coz the chefs are dedicated to only making food that would be delivered.


BOX8 as I understand if started by set of folks who have graduated from the top colleges in the country.  And looking at the value proposition, they have started this after enough research into the market.  The study has lead them to bring up the best of the menu and possible options for home delivery.
  • The menu has plenty of options from which food can be selected.  Some of them includes.
  • Recommended – This I think is a section where they put up the best of food that can be ordered.
  • All in One Meal –  This would typically contain items which would actually comprise an entire meal.  There would no necessity to order anything extra.
  • Wraps – The section focuses only the various wraps that we all want to try in general.
  • Sandwiches – We always are in need of variety in terms of sandwiches.  The normal Veg Club Sandwich has long been the favourite but now we also looking for alternatives.  BOX8 gives such options.
  • Main Course Curry – Variety of curries which we usually want to make at home but end up trying to avoid making coz of the time & effort.  And also many times we want to have something but the ingredients would not be there at home.  Instead, we can get those delivered at our door steps.
  • Biryani – This is another standard item which we prepare at home.  Good to see varieties in these as well.
  • Roti & Rice – Standard roti and plain rice options.
  • Beverages – There 2-3 drinks that can be ordered which we can take along with the food.
  • Desert – It is nice to have couple of options in this section.  Mong Dal Halwa and Gulab Jamoon are there which are traditionally the favourite deserts.


Apart from these menu options, some of the sections have the Classic and Supreme varieties.  Classic would be the ones that we are aware of and the Supreme would something that we usually don’t make at home coz they are more of special specialities.
Separate options for veg and non-veg is present in the menu for every section mentioned above which is quite endearing.



Let me share some of my experience of the food that I had from the BOX8.


Veg Extravaganza Meal
Paneer, Corn, Mushrooms, Olives, Jalapenos, Makhni Curry
This is an ‘All in One Meal’ which has got loads of veggies in it.  If you are vegetarian lover the flavour would make you feel wonderful.  And many times we are looking out the veggies to be present in the dish but we only get to have it either via pizza or may be mixed veg biryani.  The makhni curry added along with the meal containing rice is pretty taste.  This dish can easily fill the stomach.




Chefs Paneer Special Wrap
Tender Paneer and exotic veggies in a tangy sauce in whole wheat roti
A very well made wrap with good amount of paneer and veggies.  The tangy sauce lets the required flavour along with the wheat base.  There is place where we end up getting more of maida instead of wheat.  But here the chef has chosen a healthy option of wheat base.  A must try item if you are hungry and want to just grab a roll/wrap.




Bombay Special Sandwich
Our version of classic chowpatty sandwich
The sandwich for sure is quite good and on the lines of what we might get at chowpatty in Mumbai.  Unique masala gives the required taste.  I would recommend trying this if you want to get a different sandwich not stick to the contemporary flavours.



Kadhai Paneer Curry
Paneer in our signature curry of exotic Indian spices
This is a dish which is one of my favourites and if you are a vegetarian for sure it’s the same with the most.  The Paneer is pretty soft and the gravy is quite tasty.  I would have only wanted the gravy to be having some more of the cream or the tomato puree but still the taste was good.


Tava Paratha
The combination with the Paneer Subji is always the simple tava paratha.  It was quite soft and tasted good.  It felt almost like home-made parathas.


Firangi Subz Biryani
Baby corn, mushroom and paneer
The name is quite apt coz usually we would add beans, carrot and aloo into biryani.  Here the combination of corn and mushroom makes it quite a foreign.  The flavours of these veggies did make an impact but then I thought that it’s a bit off from the traditional biryani.  If you remember the old biryani, it might become hard to enjoy.  But if you can forget and just enjoy the unique flavours, you would enjoy it all the more.





Super Saver Combo
Masala Lemonade + Moong Daal Halwa


This is something quite good coz by ordering 1 of the super saver, you can pick up a drink and a desert.  Halwa was wonderful as it had the right amount of sweetness, softness and smell which are essential for a desert.



Lemonade was pretty decent which was served in this unique plastic bottle.


Overall Experience
It was a great experience having food from BOX8.  There is variety which people really do like.  Consistency in the flavours across the dishes which means that the chef is well trained and perfected the dishes, before serving to customers.
Packaging looks good and there does not seem to be a chance for spill-over.  There are vibrant colours used on the outside which is quite attractive.
I would rate this place at 4.0/5 currently and for sure I feel that this is a delivery chain that would give a lot of competition.  The simple reasons being the price and the variety which is sometimes limited in others.


My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR350-700 depending on the hunger.