Heart Shaped Pizza by Papa John – Bangalore

Pizza is one of the best foods that can be taken any time of the day.  It works out best at times when you want to satisfy your hunger or at time when you are slightly full, but want that little extra to feel completely satisfied.  Well, its been one of my favorite dishes and I have mentioned in many of my slam books back in school/college days.  But then when you talk of Pizza, you need to look at the way its made. And if you want to get the best pizza, the best of ingredients needs to be used and also the preparation style has been precise to be able to get the required taste.  I think all of these points are well met at the US based – Papa John’s


We have known other brands that have been populate in India like Pizza Corner, US Pizza, Pizza Hut and Dominos.  But then when ‘Papa Johns’ came to Bangalore-India, the expectation of getting a great pizza increased.  They have been precise in terms of taste and flavors.  It was quite surprising to know that there are nearly 23 outlets in Bangalore since its inception nearly 5-6 years back. 


Being a company pizza chain since nearly 3 decades, it’s been a place for not just those standard varieties.  They also innovate in the way the pizzas and garlic breads are flavored.  But for this ‘Valentines Day’ on 14-Feb-2016, a special HEART-SHAPED PIZZA has been introduced.  The words from Media note on the same have been shared by Papa Johns.


Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your loved ones, making efforts in telling them how much they mean to you. And there’s no better way than to say it with the best pizzas in town!


I was thrilled, from the moment I heard about the same and I wanted to try it out.  And for sure it was a wonderful experience tasting the lovely pizza.


Papa John’s has introduced the Heart-Shaped Pizza in 2 flavours.
  1. Heart-shaped Margherita Pizza (Medium) + Pepsi + Surprise Gift @ INR 399 only
  2. Heart-shaped Chicken Pepperoni Pizza (Medium) + Pepsi + Surprise Gift @ INR 449 only
 There is a surprise gift for every couple that walks in and takes the pizza on the V-Day.   And for it will let anyone impress his or her partner with a lovely meal.
Heart-shaped Margherita Pizza
I am personally impressed with the Vegetarian Pizza.  Let me share more thought on the same.


The shape of the pizza for sure is brilliant coz its quite unique in the way its done.  Its not just as a 1 time affair, I am sure they are doing something to get the dough to the right shake as a heart.


Topping are put precisely 1 inch from the edge, being spread across evenly.  This gives special look for the heart, which seems to have a great border.
Apart from that being a Veg Pizza, some amount of tomatoes is put as topping.


Taste wise, it is simply superb coz I feel that the base bread is something special.  And also the toppings have the right amount of tomato puree put on top.  There is plenty of cheese, which adds more to the flavor.   I did not feel like putting ketchup coz the taste was so good by itself.


The experience of having a lovely pizza is always great.  I surely think that on a special day, we should consume something special with someone special.


Heart-shaped Chicken Pepperoni Pizza
Thought I can’t write much about the pizza, I am sure it would as good as the Veg option.


Apart from the Pizza, I would like to mentioned about one of my personal favorite item from ‘Papa John’s’ i.e., the ‘Garlic Bread Parmesan Sticks’.  The sausage put on top of the garlic bread is something special and add a lot to the taste.  I recommend anyone going to Papa Johns to take this for sure.




The Papa John’s employees acclaim Chef who comes up with unique ideas like this.  And they go to individual stores and train the chefs in the store. 


Currently, it is available in all the 23 outlets in Bangalore.  I am sure its going to be a treat for anyone walking in and finding this unique surprise.


1. Kormangala
2. Banerghatta Road
3. Marthahalli
4. Kamla Nagar / Basaweshwar Nagar
5. Malleshwaram
6. VBV Plaza, JP Nagar
7. Yelahanka
8. RR Nagar
9. Rammurthy Nagar
10. Jayanagar
11. Chethan Theatre
12. Jalahalli
13. Vijayanagar
14. Mysore
15. Gopalan Mall
16. Forum Value Mall
17. Wipro 1
18. Wipro 2
19. Garuda Mall
20. Forum Koramangala
21. Mantri Mall
22. Wonder La Park
23. Hosur
Overall Experience
It is a wonderful experience eating a great pizza shaped in the form of heart.  The taste and flavors are bang on and I think its going to be a big hit on the V-Day in 2016.  And I am sure people are going to ask for keeping this shape of pizza on a permanent basis. 
To be able to get further details, the following numbers can be called.
Toll free number: 180030107272
Contact number: 4411 2233