Whooppeezz – Serving Delicious Pizzas across Bangalore


Whooppeezz is one of the brands of the pizza that was launched with the intention to serve the best Pizza is in Bangalore.  For being able to do so, the Pizza needs to be the best in terms of taste, flavours, cheese, toppings and base.  As a pizza lover, I should not be looking to leave a single piece on my plate and I should be gobbling it all up.  Whooppeezz, the brand seems to have hit the bulls-eye in all the aspects and created some of the best Pizza in town.  People in the city have loved the taste and now WHooppeezz is setup across 3 places in town, which is an incredible achievement in under 2 years of existence.  I recently got an opportunity to visit the BTM outlet and I was quite happy to say that the taste is quite consistent.  Let me share my experience.


A pizza eating place is usually visited by people who are looking for casual dining experience.  The interiors have been designed to make it look quite colourful and vibrant.  It is a place where young and old can come relax, sit-back, have long conversation and enjoy the pizzas.  They have these nice one liners written on the wall, that are fun to read.

  • Have a meal with a Hottie.IMG_20171014_130942
  • Extra Cheese Just Grate!
  • Don’t be Square, Pick a Board.
  • You Pizzas won’t be long, They’ll be Round.
  • A pizza a day ever keeps friends a bay.

There is a unique selfie corner that has these nice-looking props and a ‘Say Cheese’ message.  Most of the guests love to hang-out at this area before eating the Pizza and also before leaving.  Seating arrange is quite casual and very relaxing.


The most important reason for visiting this place has got to be the food as it leaves a lasting impression. 


There is a Cheesy Bun Garlic Bread that is quite similar to the regular garlic bread but served in a bun.  It comes with multiple filling/toppings including – Cheese, Mushroom, Chicken.  I loved the tast of regular and the Cheesy.  The taste is quite irresistible after taking the 1st bite.

Non-veg lovers get to taste the Chicken wings which I heard my friends say as being really good.


This undoubtedly is the best item on the house.  It gives any food lover a real pizza eating experience.  As they describe it in the menu, Fresh gourmet pizza made from homemade sauces and mouth-watering marinated toppings.

The pizza is quite unique at Whooppeezz because of the crust, which makes anyone grab the complete pizza and not waste a single bite.  They have 4 unique bases including – The Whooppeezz Non-Chewy Base, The Thin Crust, The Indian Crust and The Multi-Grain Base.

I tried the following pizzas at the outlet – The Mighty Double Deck WHoooppeezzo, The Great Indian Paneer Makhni, Veg Explotica and Spicy Peri Peri Paneer.  It is hard to pick a favourite among these 4 options as every one of the Pizza is awesome. 

The Mighty Double Deck WHoooppeezzo is one of the most special Pizza as it has double of everything including 2 bases, loaded with cheese, fresh tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, black & green olives, jalapenos, red & yellow capsicum, paprika, Cajun spiced paneer, tandoori paneer & basil leaf.  Honestly, this is the best pizza I have eaten in Bangalore.  It is so yummy that every bite is relishing.  I specially love it when the cheese oozes out, I bend down to let the cheese fall onto my mouth.  This gives a complete drool expereince.

Veg Explotica Pizza topped with pickled onions, capsicum and olives with gourmet bbq sauce & jalapenos is my 2nd favourite on Thin Crust.  A delicious pizza where every bite lets you taste the topping and cheese. 

Spicy Peri Peri Paneer was another awesome pizza that had pickled onion, special gourmet Cajun paneer, chilli flakes and parika which gave the zing.  I will rate this pizza same as the earlier Pizza.  It was special because of the spice level and it was made on a multi-grain base.

The Great Indian Paneer Makhani was another interesting pizza as I could feel the Makhani flavour that contains Tomato puree.  I only was a little concerned with the Paneer, which seemed to be a little on the chewy side.  Chef was quite gracious in taking the inputs and I am sure it was just a one-off case which would be corrected the next time.

Non-Veg lovers have loads of options to choose from.   Among the top picks includes – The Mighty Double Decker Whooppeezzoo which contains marinated chicken and special Cajun spiced chicken,  Chipotle Egglicious Pizza, BBQ Chicken Sausage Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza.

A lot of research has gone behind coming up with every pizza.  That is the reason for the taste of every Pizza being impeccable.

Drinks & Desserts

There are plenty of drink options which includes – Masala Lemonade, Classic Mojito , Green Apple Soada, Pineapple Chilli Splash & Guava Ginger Sparkler.  Every drink is made inhouse and served in the special Whooppeezz bottles.

My top pick among the drinks is the Whooppeezzoo Crunchy Choco Blast which has whipped cream, chocolate sauce and choco-sticks.  The taste is mesmerizing.

Among the desserts, I tried only the Oreo Cheese Cake Shots with was quite good.

Overall Experience

This was one of the best experience of visiting a Pizza place in a long time.  The place has unique energy which makes anyone inside feel very happy.  There are plenty of recommendations from my side in terms of food and drinks.  But if I were to pick by top-3, they would be – Cheesy Bun Garlic Bread with Mushroom, The Mighty Double Decker Whoooppeeezzoo and Whooppeezzoo Crunchy Choco Blast.  This is a place to go out with friends and family.  Once you enter the place, you can forget the passage of time.  The last time I was there, I spent nearly 4-5hrs.

My rating for this place would be 4.5/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5

Food for 2 at this place will cost anywhere between INR 1000-1200 for the most satisfying meal.

Pics taken with fellow foodies & bloggers.