Oven Story Pizza @ Sahakarnagar


Oven Story is one of the latest Pizza brands that has come and established itself firmly in the market.  The concept here is quite simple, don’t try focussing on giving ‘Dine-in’ experience and focus on letting the customer have a great ‘Dine-in’ at their home. Well, what I mean is that as a customer we order pizza online, outlet at various places across Bangalore (precisely 25) pick it up, make the pizza and deliver it back to you.  They seem to have tie for delivery of the Pizza and make sure that the pizza goes from the closest outlet & is hot & fresh.  Another concept I came to know is that they want customer to enjoy the pizza that they order within 20-30mts of ordering it.  This means that they are directly competing with other outlets like Dominos & Pizza Hut.  But, I think more competition only leads to better quality.

The focus of this chain is to serve customers Thin Crust Pizza and let them enjoy the topping that goes into it.  They also say that there is huge market for this kind of pizza as people in India are relatively unaware.  I am sure they will start to get into the minds of every Indian by the way they are expanding.  It is simply cause, they are aggressively expanding with nearly 80-delivery points across India.  In Bangalore itself, I can see nearly 25 outlets.

There is a plan to introduce more varieties of pizza and other quick eats.  I think they can bring the concept of Combos (quick bites and drinks) and Kids menu, they will start to do even further.

The most important reason for people take a liking of the pizza is the taste.  And to be able to get consistent taste they need to come up with the right mix of ingredients.  Good number of Chefs have contributed to creating these pizza and even better marketing team to spread the word.   Let me share my experience of the pizza I had recently.

Gourmet Veg Chipotle
This is the first time I got pizza from the Pizza chain and I must say that there are so many thing I liked about this Pizza.IMG_20170417_222716 (2)

Packaging was quite good and it came in because that had black cover and there was a picture of pizza in the cartoon form.  Some of the things I noticed.
Incredible Cheese Bases – being mentioned on top of the boxes.
Chipotle El Classic Peri Peri 4 Pepper also being written which seems to be the popular pizza.
The seasoning & chilli flakes were given in a separate cover along with tissue which was quite clean.

Pizza was quite interesting and full of good toppings.  The toppings I saw were – Cheese, Black Olives, Corn, Onion pieces, Veg kebab pieces all around in the pizza, Chipotle sauce on the edge and few on top of the cheese.

The taste was quite good as it was a little cheesy and spicy.  I did not feel like putting any seasoning as the pizza seemed to be complete.

Taste and Flavours were quite good and surely it is hard to resist after eating 1 bite.  I enjoyed 3-4 pieces of the pizza after it was opened.

Overall Experience
It was a good tasting a pizza from relatively new outlet.  The taste was quite good and the topping seems to be have working wonders.  Kudos to team on chef who came up with the topping and training various people across outlets to be able to make same pizza every day.  The only thing I would have wanted is to be able to taste 1-2 different topping pizza to know if they are very consistent.  Also, I hope see Combos, Kids Menu, Quick-bites and variety drinks in near future.

I currently rate my experience at 3.5/5, tempted to go for 4 but then I need to ensure the taste is consistent across multiple pizzas and multiple eats.

The rating in various other departments.
Food – 3.5/5
Packaging – 3.5/5
Price – 3.5/5
Cost of one 1 10” Pizza serving 2 people would be around INR 450-600.