1441 Pizzeria | New Outlet | Koramangala | Bangalore


1441 Pizzeria is inspired by 14-E 41-N in Naples, Italy, the coordinates of the world’s first wood-fired pizzeria. This popular brand has opened a new outlet at Koramangala after seeing the success of JP Nagar outlet. Across the country, they had plenty of outlets in Mumbai, Pune, Jodhpur and they plan to open a new outlet soon in Hyderabad. Their idea of ‘Make your own pizza’ is very popular among people who love to choose their own sauce, cheese & toppings.

Pizza Options

The core item at the 1441 Pizzeria is the Pizzas – Classic, Gourmet or Chef Recommendation that comes in 8″ and 11″. One can choose from nearly 28 toppings, varieties of Cheese (Shredded Mozzarella, Smoked Mozzarella, 1441 Specials) & Sauces (Italian Pelati, Mama’s, Jain). Pizzas are made in the special Italian style oven.

They also have Classic Pizza wherein the guest can add any 12 toppings and choose the cheese.  Gourmet pizza allows 12 + additional toppings that are more premium-like Broccoli, Zucchini, Sun-dried tomatoes & more.

Veg Extravaganza – Gourmet Pizza

This was a pizza that I made myself with the help of the Chefs across the counter.  The base used is common for pizza and the next step was to add the sauce.  I added the Italian sauced and then sprinkled shredded cheese on top evenly.  Added nearly 12 standard toppings including Black Olive, Onions, Capsicum Bell peppers, Tomato, Mushroom & many more.

I also added a few items from the Gourmet section including Caramelized Onion, Zucchini & Broccoli. The pizza was kept in the special Italian oven and after 5 minutes by Pizza it was ready.  The taste was amazing, and I enjoyed every bite of the same.

5 Cheese Pizza

Most of us visit the Pizza outlet to relish the cheese added in plenty on top of the pizza. The 5 cheese is mean for everyone who loves cheese as they add Mozzarella Cheese, Smoked Mozzarella Cheese, Cheese Spread, Cheddar Cheese & Processed Cheese. One can enjoy pulling the cheese while taking a piece of the pizza.

Add-Ons / 1441 Special

The place also serves some amazing snacks like Smoky Cheese Dough Balls, Chilli Cheese Bread, Cheese Burst Calzone, Jalapeno Poppers & more.

I have tried most of them but especially loved the Smoky Cheese Dough Balls. I also loved the Jalapeno Poppers that’s slightly spicy, but the taste is awesome. I have tried the Cheese Burst Calzone and it is yummy as cheese can be seen from inside.


My favorite part of the meal is the desserts. They have some awesome options like Tiramisu, Nutella Dough Ball, Chocolate Mousse & Nutella Pizza.

Special note about the Nutella Dough ball that comes with a special sprinkle of sugar powder. The dessert also has the name “1441 Pizzeria” written on sugar powder. Taste is quite amazing and it’s hard to resist after eating one. I also enjoyed the Tiramisu as it was well made.


The interiors of the place have been done very well. It’s compact and very well designed. The walls have posters that showcase the executive chef, method making pizza in 1441 Pizzeria, posters that indicate that ‘No preservatives’, & more.

Final Thoughts

The new outlet is perfectly located on the busy Koramangala Road. I enjoyed the pizzas, add-ons, desserts at the new outlet. But I liked the staff who were kind enough to guide me while I made the pizza by myself. Do visit and try their Pizza, Add-on, Desserts while enjoying on some select Beverages. Looking forward to seeing many more outlets of 1441 Pizzeria in many more parts of the city.

More Information

1441 Pizzeria
475/1, Ground Floor, KHB Colony,
5th Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

Phone – 063641 44132
Website –