1441 Pizzeria – Fatti La Tua Pizza


A new Pizza outlet has come to Bangalore that lets customers make their own pizza.  There no set menu like what we see in most of the Pizza outlets. Menu only has broad spectrum of Pizza types, starters & beverages mentioned in it.  This Pizza place has been successful in Mumbai & Pune with 8 actively running outlets.  They seemed to have forayed in Bangalore after much research about Pizza eating habits in the IT Captial of country.


The place is colourful and vibrant.  One can see multiple paintings on the wall that are themed on Italian country side.

Every table has the basic cutlery items along with Seasoning, Chilli Flakes & Oils (Olive).IMG_20190217_210624

Seating arrangement are quite casual and comfortable.  Only drawback is that they don’t have sofa options.  And, at times the place can look a little congested.

Soon after one settles down, the staff come over and say that its a self-service place.  And the person also mentioned the process of ordering pizza at I441 Pizzeria.

They have a restroom that is a very narrow space.  I feel that they need to move to a much bigger space as the place will easily attract crowd.

Pizzas Making

All pizza are specially made as per customer choice.  Collage shows the steps followed by staff from the time the person ask for pizza to be made until its ready to be put into the Oven.

Step 1 : Choose your Sauce
Step 2 : Cheese
Step 3 : Choose your Toppings
Step 4 : Fire It !

Pizza is then made in the Brick Oven and served on the seat.

Pizza Tasting

I tried the Classic Pizza (Veg) with Unlimited topping and Gourmet Pizza (Veg).  Both the pizza had the nice cheese topping which again can be added as per ones wish.  The pizza base tasted good and veggies were fresh.

For the Classic Pizza, I got the Italian Sauce that’s slightly less spicy and packed with flavors.  I had all the veggies expect Red Paprika, Green Chilly but had extra cheese added.

For the Gourmet Pizza, I got Broccoli, Pineapple, Black Olive, Mushroom as the topping.  But for the sauce I got a spicy sauce added that balanced the flavors.

The flavor of the dough is very good but the only concern would be in terms of the tar from baking in the brick oven.  Chars can make the pizza a little to bitter and one would literally avoid eating the sides.

Starters / Add-On

Tasted the following items from the starter’s menu – Smoky Cheese Dough Balls & Jalapeño Poppers.

Smoky Cheese Dough has Cheese stuffed it and looks more like Cheese Balls.  But the dish is not very sweet as its tossed with spices that included dry-chilli flakes that adds the spiciness.  Jalapeno Mayo served along with it is also slightly spicy.  I would suggest the place to avoid tossing with the spices and instead toss it plain so kids can also consume.

Jalapeno Popper was another nice dish that was spicy and at the same time creamy.  One needs to be a little careful with regards to the spice quotient of this starters as well.

There are many other varieties of starters, pizza toppings & beverages that I am yet to try.

Overall Thoughts

Its nice to see the brand choose South Bangalore (JP Nagar) for opening the first outlet in Bangalore.  The brand already has 6-7 outlets in Mumbai and 2 in Pune.  I am sure this will become a hit in Bangalore.   The idea of ‘Making Ones Own Pizza’ is fun and something different that people will like.  Place is already buzzing with crowd that I noticed when I went to eat out on Sunday evening.

My current rating for the place would be 4.0/5 and feels that the place has definite potential.  Food for 2 at the restaurant, considering tasting 1 pizza, 1 starters & drinks will come upto INR 1200-1500.

More Information

1105, Archana Arcade, 24th Main Rd, 1st Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

+91 9513221441 / 080 41221441