SMOOR – Exclusive Ruby Cocoa Collection


A specially made chocolate from natural Ruby Cocoa Beans at Smoor. After dark, milk and white, ruby is the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years.  This fourth variety of Chocolate has a remarkably intense fruitiness with Fresh Sour Notes.  The chocolates were introduced in 2017 by Barry Callebaut.

Ruby Chocolates at Smoor

This gift of mother nature surprises and bedazzles with a completely new chocolate taste and colour experience, born from the ruby cocoa bean – without adding any colourants or fruit flavourings.  Ruby chocolate for its distinctive taste and colour is an exciting chocolate to work with for chocolatiers. All around the world, ruby chocolate has inspired many new chocolate creations. India today is on the edge of a chocolate revolution, as we see more and more premium launches in this space which are here to stay. Barry Callebaut is happy to bring this special chocolate to India and create some Ruby magic with Bliss, one of the finest chocolateries in India.

Ruby chocolate contains minimum 47.3% cocoa solids calculated based on the Codex Chocolate Standard. On the total product ruby chocolate contains minimum 32.5% cocoa solids.

SMOOR Chocolates

The chocolates from SMOOR are extremely popular across the city.  They make different kinds of Chocolates, Cakes, Assorted Delicacies, Cookies & Crips.

Among the Chocolates, they have multiple varieties like True Bars, Baking Bars, Dark Chocolate Bars, Mayan Bars, Fruit Pebbles and more.  One can also enjoy some amazing cakes, cupcake, chews, macaroons under the Cake & Assorted Delicacies section.

With the introduction of the new Chocolates variant, I am sure SMOOR will come up many more interesting varieties.

Chocolate Launch Event

Ruby chocolate was unveiled to public at a special event at SMOOR outlet at Indiranagar, Bangalore.  CEO of SMOOR – Vimal Sharma was present at the event was all praises and mentioned that this chocolate would be game changer.

Chef Avijit Ghosh from Leela Palace was also present to unveil the chocolate to the public and share more technical details.

We all go to taste many of the Ruby Chocolate variants at the SMOOR outlet.  There were straight Ruby Chocolates, infused into other chocolates, varieties of pastries and a Ruby Chocolate based ice-cream.  The distinctive flavor of Ruby Chocolate stood out and made the tasting experience truly wonderful.

Fashion Show

The glamorous event had a special fashion show orchestrated by famous Ramesh Dembla. The models wore amazing designer outfits and had specially made accessories using Ruby Chocolates.

Final Thoughts

A chance discovery has been very developed and presented very well to the general public.  Instead of considering this to be another chocolate, it will now hold a special place in everyone’s heart.  I personally loved the taste of chocolates and feel that it will be a hit as it hits the right flavor profiles.  It’s great to see the unique chocolate introduced at the Best Chocolate outlet in Bangalore, SMOOR Chocolates Signature Lounge.

More Information

Smoor Chocolates Signature Lounge
Address – #1131, 100 Feet Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
Phone – 080 2521 1901

Ruby Chocolates