Movenpick – The Art of Swiss Ice Cream in Bangalore


Movenpick – The Art of Swiss Ice cream has been known across globally as the best ice-cream makers for long time.  They have listed some of the philosophies which clearly indicate – The Best of Nature, Swiss Craftsmanship, Pure Authentic Taste, Perfectly Creamy & A Different Level of Refinement.  I recently visited the newly opened Movenpick outlet at Indiranagar and heard many facts from the Brand Ambassador & Consultant for South Asia, Mr. M.V.M. Rao.  I also devoured some of the lovely Ice-creams, Sorbets, Waffles & Platters.IMG_20171124_173255_01

History of Movenpick

Movenpick initially started with their restaurant in Zurich way back in 1948 at Zurich.  In matter of 10 years, they had nearly 8 restaurants across Switzerland. It was in 1960, they started producing their own ice-creams to promote the restaurant sales.  Later in April 2003, Nestle bought the International rights for Movenpick ice cream from the hotel group, and an independent business unit called Swiss Premium Ice creams was created.  Nestlé Super Premium, one of the subsidiary now operators the Movenpick Ice Cream business (headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland).

Little Known Facts

Movenpick Ice Cream has many startling facts, Mr. M.V.M. Rao did share a few.

  • Bourbon Vanilla pods are from the tropical forests in Madagascar.
  • Cocoa beans are brought from the Maracaibo region of Venezuela.
  • Maple syrups are directly from the Quebec, Cananda.
  • Expresso icecream has Coffee beans from Columbia.
  • Choco Icecreams have the fines Swiss Chocolates.
  • Ice creams taste like the original ingredients as they are completely free from Artificial additives, Flavourings and colourings.
  • High quality Swiss cream gives Movenpick Ice cream giving it the creamy texture.
  • Each and Every Ice cream is made individually and its own set of ingredients & weight.The ice creams are shipped across to all outlets in 5 litre Volumes.
  • The ice creams that is available across all the Movenpick outlets are produced from one single factory.  Factory is completely sealed off and there are only 30 people working.  The main job of the people working is to check the quality of the ice-creams.

There are many secret facts about Movenpick that makes them special.


The brand is famous for its Ice creams but in the outlet, there are many more options for customers.

Ice Creams

There a plenty of flavours including – Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate, Expresso, Strawberry, Maple Walnut, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Blueberry Cheesecake, Vanilla Brownie.

Among these, my favourite are Expresso, Mapple Walnut and Blueberry Cheesecake.  Expresso had the unique taste that came from the bean from Columbia.

Strawberry ice-cream in Movenpick is quite special as its drak-pink in colour and it has fruity acidity & sourness due to presence of natural strawberry.

Vanilla Brownie has the mix of Brownie & Choco chips inside Vanilla ice-cream.  To keep the consistency, Movenpick gets the Brownie from a single vendor who makes it only for Movenpick.


There are different flavours in this – Raspberry, Black current, Mango and Lemon Lime.  Individually it is hard to pick the favourite as every one of them has its own unique taste.

Raspberry has nearly 53% of fruit and no additives. Lemon & Lime is refreshing and apt for summer.  Mango Sorbet contain the special Alphonso mango and I also got small piece of mango in it.

Double Mixing

Ice cream and sorbet are combined together to make up this dessert.  The flavour available in this include – Cream Black-current and Cream Mango.  I loved this more than the sorbet as it has the creaminess.

Waffles & Platters

The outlet has other options to eat apart from the Ice-creams.

Waffle with Belgian Chocolate and a scoop of one Ice-cream would be my top pick.

Platter option are available where they serve multiple varieties of ice-creams in small cones along with strawberries & cream.  It is ideal for group of friends visiting the outlet.  All the items part of the platter is served on Edible Black Stone.

Chocolate Fondue is another special items available at this outlet and it is served with Belgian Chocolate, Marshmallow, Strawberry & Apple.


They have various options including – Ice Cream Sensuous Shakes, Sparkling Sorbets, Smoothies and some Hot Coffee & Tea.

My top pick among these would be the Sparkling Sorbet, especially the Raspberry flavour.

Overall Experience

I had a wonderful experience of visiting the new Movenpick outlet at Indiranagar.  The ambiance of this place is quite neat and elegant.  Ice-creams and Sorbet are undoubtedly the best like in any other Movenpick outlet.  I have already shared my favourites and the top pick in my earlier section.  If I were to relish all the flavours, I will need visit multiple times.  Finally, I must say that it was great interacting with the Brand Ambassador for Movenpick and knowing more about the brand.

My rating for the current experience would be 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments.

Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5

Food for 2 at the outlet considering would come up to anywhere between INR 800-1000, considering it would be hard to resist after taking the first scoop of ice-cream.


Pictures with Mr.M.V.M. Rao (Brand Ambassador for South Asia and Consultant) and fellow Bloggers.