Molecular Gastronomy – Icecreams by Iceperiment


Iceperiment is one the latest Ice-cream outlet that has come up in Bangalore.  This is a totally new brand of ice-cream that has been conceptualized, experience and brought to life by a passionate entrepreneur.  She has single-handedly identified the flavours of ice-cream and pairing.  Flavours are quite unique but along that there is touch of Molecular Gastronomy also used to make the ice-creams softer.  The entire experience is sure to leave the guests with a lasting memory.  Let me share my experience during my recent visit to the outlet.


A small and cozy place that can seat nearly 20-25 people at max.  There are nice posted on one side of the wall that has some fun messages like – Its Fun, To Create This (Yum ! Magic), But Why Liquid Nitrogen and few others. 

The poster containing info on Liquid Nitrogen also captures more info like – 32F Snow, 109.3F dry-ice and 320F liquid nitrogen; smaller ice crystals create smoother ice-cream.  This is a really good info that people can read and appreciate the reason for its usage.

Seating arrangement are quite casual – both inside and outside in the open-air.

The ice-creams are served only in biscuit-cups which is quite eco-friendly as usage of paper/plastic are harmful to nature.


There are currently around ~20 flavours of ice-creams that is listed on the board.  For the summer, they have introduced few new ice-creams as well.

Peanut Butter Chocolate – This is an ice-cream with special peanut-butter flavour.  The ice-cream was quite soft after Liquid Nitorgen is poured on top.  It is quite cool to see the Nitrogen fall on the ice-creams.  There is also a chocolate piece which goes along well with the ice-cream.  The best part is that it is perfect in terms of sweetness.  I recommend this for anyone visiting the outlet.

Rum & Scotch Butterscotch – An interesting butterscotch flavoured ice-cream that has slight alcohol added into it giving that little punch.  There were too many butterscotch pieces which increased the sweetness.  But the ice-cream itself tasted very good.

Berry Candy Floss – Another interesting ice-cream which is favourite among kids because it contains black current flavoured ice-cream and cotton candy.  This is a very colourful ice-cream and eye-catchy.

Pineapple & Coconut – A pineapple flavoured ice-cream with subtle flavour of coconut along with pineapple pieces.  A really good ice-cream for coconut lovers and reminds one of Pinacolada. 

Mango Rush – Seasonal fruit based ice-cream which has ice-cream along with cut pieces of mango.  Apart from the Peanut butter flavoured ice-cream, this is another ice-cream that I loved. 

I would want the ice-cream outlet folks to also offer with different kind of bases like – chocolate edged biscuit-cups, hot chocolate, small colourful chocolates, white choco-chips and dry-fruits as they go along with ice-cream.  It lets customer have more choices.

Overall Experience

It was wonderful to go to a new iceperiment and try out some of the unique offerings.  I don’t think that these kinds of experiments were thought of in the past.  And even if they did, people would dared to investing risking failure or laugh it out thinking that its not possible.  The current generation has the desire to try out something new and people want something different.  My favourite among the ones I tasted includes – Peanut butter and Mango Rush.  This is one of the places that has the potential to grow big and have multiple branches across the town.  I wish all the best for the same.

I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.  Rating in other departments like Food/Service/Ambiance is the same.

Food for 2 people, considering you would be taking 2 ice-creams would costly anywhere between INR300-400.

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