Modern Indian Dining – London Curry House


London Curry House is one of the restaurant that was there in my wishlist since long time.  It was one of my office colleague who once asked me if I had visited this place.  It took my friend and many others by surprise to know that I had not visited this place. I think they were surprised because it is surely one of the best known restaurant serving Modern Indian, North Indian and Pizza.  I saw some of the pictures taken inside the restaurant and the food, all of them looked very appealing.  I wanted to visit the place to celebrate a special occasion, which I did recently.  Let me share my experience.IMG_20170507_225500


A beautifully setup restaurant in the basement that is quite large and can seat nearly 60-100 guests.
This is a casual dining place in which you would find simple aluminium seats, wooden top tables.
There are plenty of plants in the backdrop which adds to the ambiance of the restaurant.
Plenty of lighting’s which resembles the straight lights in parts of the world.
Open Pizza Oven where guests can see the pizza being made, I think this has become a fashion lately.
Beautiful sketches taken in and around London.
The old telephone booth (red color) can be found at multiple places around the restaurant.
Facts I mentioned can only be experience when you go to the place directly.
Beware of waiting period for the restaurant coz it is very popular and lots of people come to dine in & spent time.

The place had so much of build up from my friends and I personally created a good picture of the restaurant.  Food is the main reason why people go to any restaurant.

There are couple of options in soups. Among those, we tried the Palak Dhaniya Ka Soup and Street Side Manchurian.  I must say that both the soups were simple awesome.  Both soups had some unique things that were served along with it.  Along with Palak soup, palak/hara-bara kebab and crispy palak leaves were served.  And along with Street Manchow soup rispy noodle & veg kebab.  The idea was to crush the kebab and the crispy palak or crispy noodles into the soup and consume.  The taste was simply awesome.

There are plenty of options to choose from and since it was a little late by the time I went inside with family, I thought of going with few of my choices and take suggestions from the person taking our order.

Potli Chaat with Spicy Tomato Salsa – An awesome starter that had the looks and the taste.  It is served on a small cycle stand which looks cute.  I recommend this dish for anyone visiting.

Pav Bhaaji – Mumbai Ka Baadshah – This for sure was one of the best Paav Bhaji I have eaten in a long time. I think it had some cheese and served with some finely cut onion pieces, 1 chilly piece along with butter paav.  The paav become a little dry, could have been alittle bit more softer.

Tandoori Achari – A started that cubes of paneer with capsicum, tomatoes and mushroom  It was served on top of a small grill.  The taste of the starter and the portion size was just perfect.

Main Course
Dum Paneer Kalimirch Kadai – Crispy tortilla topped with Kadai Paneer that had sour cream and tomato salsa.  This was the perfect spicy and gravy subzi that went along well with the breads.

Lagan Ki Dal Makhani – The most preferred daal among most Indian who like North Indian food.  It was creamy and the black daal was well cooked.

There were plenty of options but the ones that we took included – Desi Cheese Garlic Bread (Naan), Butter Naan.  The breads were soft and went along with both the gravy subzi(s).  We also got an additional Kulcha along with the Paneer subji.

Dum Pukht Style Veg Biryani – This for sure was one of the best biryani I have had in a long time.  It’s another must try item at this restaurant.

There are plenty of drink options, we went for – Mango Smoothie, Watermelon Thanda and Special London Curry house drink.

Watermelon Thanda was quite refreshing.  Mango smoothie was quite thick, served in a wonderful glass and tasted yummy.  London Curry House special drink was pretty okay coz it had more soda based instead of being thick fruit based.  Though the taste was good, I would wanted to something special from the bartender for the special drink.

Paan Cheese Cake – It tasted pretty good and I could taste the paan in the desert.  I wish the cheese taste came out more but still it was a good desert to take.

I had told the waiter that we were celebrating birthday.  As a small gesture of celebration, they wrote the happy birthday message using cream next to the paan cheese cake.  I am surprised how they did not bother to give it as a complimentary desert.  But surely one good thing they did was to play a Happy Birthday tune.

Overall Experience
A pretty good experience visiting a relatively new place with family.  I am glad that it turned out to be good and all of us enjoyed the food & drinks.  Most of the dishes were uniquely served and tasted good.  Few things that surprised me was – Price of the dishes being a little above average, Service charges though it is not being charges at many places and most importantly not bothering to give a complimentary desert as we were celebrating an occasion.

I am not sure if a restaurant this popular would bother taking inputs that I gave above.  But yes, if you neglect some of the points, this sure is one of the best Casual Dining Veg Restaurant in town. I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 would be anywhere between INR 1600-2000 for a decent meal.