Majestic Mango Festival – Rasovara


Majestic Mango Festival celebrates the arrival of Summer King – Mango in the most tastiest avatars at Rasovara.  It is also being called as the Amilicious Festival and I am aware of this since past 2 years.  I would never want to miss this because they infuse the mango into plenty of dishes.  This along with the regular items that are part of Rasovara Thali makes it a perfect belly filling & satisfying experience.  The combination of good food along with the best service, ambiance and location works wonders.  I am sharing my experience from my recent experience during the festival over the weekend.

Amilicious Festival
A seasonal fruit that has its origins way back in time in India.  The world came to know about this fruit from India. It is evident from the scientific name ie., Magnifera Indica.  We are all love this fruit and most commonly we consume the fruit in the ripened form.  I have personally loved this fruit and for records, I have consumed nearly 10-12 Mangoes in a day, ofcourse it won’t be right to ask what happened the next day morning.

Apart from consuming it as a fruit, we know that in South India it is served along with the Chapati as ‘Maavina Haninna Rasaayana’ (Mango fruit mash).  Another form that is most commonly known to all of us is its addition into ‘Lemon Rice’, where grated raw mango is added.

Rasovara thinks totally out of the box and tries to include mango into items like – chaat, kadi, samosa, pani-puri, deserts and many more ways to delight the guests.  They also have plenty of Mango based drinks that can be savour along with the meal.

Rasovara thali is known to have plenty of varieties and now especially for the festival lot of changes have been brought in.

Kairi Sangam Dhokla, Chilli Finger Karanjiya, Mutter Muthiya Sunehri Tikki & Tandoori Badami Arbi
Among these, I loved the Dhokla and Tikki as the tanginess & spiciness seemed to work wonders.  Loved the way it was also presented.

Mango Pani Puri, Dahi Vada and Dhal Bhati Churma
The Mango Pani Puri was awesome as they served the ‘pani’ has Mango flavours instead of the normal ‘Jal Jeera’ kind of taste.  The sweetness & tanginess along with the Pani Puri masala work wonders with the puri.
Dhal Bhati Churma has always been the best of the chaat that is served with ghee which I have loved.

Adhraki Paneer, Chatpata Kadal Aloo, Desi Chana Masala, Dudhi Kofta Palak, Punjabi Gatta & Aam ki Launji
These dishes served as part of the Main Course has been consistently good which makes people repeatedly come to dine in.
Aam Ki Launji is specially made for the festival and is served with Khoba Roti.  The subzi looks like normal curry but the gravy has the flavour of mango which makes it yummy.
Among the other subzi – Punjabi Gatta, Kofta Palak & Paneer have been my favourites.

Jaisalmeri Chatpata Chana Dal, Kairi Surti Dal, Marathi Kadhi & Aam Gatte Ki Kadhi
The dal varieties served have always been good.  But the special addition for the festival is the Aam Gatte Ki Kadhi’ which goes along well with Roti and some plain rice as well.

Puri, Khoba Roti, Kairi Masala Rot & Methi Thepla
Each of the breads are very filling by themselves.  Ideally you should be taking either a bite of each bread or share with someone, so that you can taste all of the subzi with breads.

Aam Ras, Dry Fruit halwa, Mango Rabdi Cham Cham, Amarkhand & Gulabi Jalebi With Rabdi
My favourite among these for sure is the Aaam Ras, Mango Rabdi Cham Cham and Amarkhand.  By the time anyone reaches up until this course, would feel full.  But then I would still think that some space can be created for the wonderful deserts.

Mango Lassi, Kairi Panna, Mango Mastani & Mango Ice Tea
It sure is difficult to pick my favourite but I think I love the Mango Lassi and Mango Mastani as it was thicker & I could feel more of the Mango Pulp.

Overall Experience
It was a great experience tasting the Mango based dishes and thali as part of the Majestic Mango Festival at Rasovara.  I love the variety of the food that is served and the service.  I don’t think that any other restaurant in Bangalore can serve as many Mango dishes like Rasovara.

I wanted to also share the experience of couple of guests to one of my relatives, who went to Rasovara after taking my suggestion.  They just loved the variety & taste.  I am sure the next time they are here in India, they would want to visit during may to be try out the ‘Mango Festival’.

I rate the overall experience of this thali @ 4.5/5.

Details of Thali
Price – INR 750
Timeline – Until 15th June’17